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COI and Zohar Project Update
Posted In: Correctional Outreach Initiative, The Zohar Project Posted On: March 31, 2011

Zohar ProjectCOI

This past week the Correctional Outreach Initiative received this letter from a female inmate at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex, Florida.

My coal will turn into diamonds….

"I would like to thank you for delivering the Zohar. Zohars were not only delivered to the women's camp, but to the entire complex which includes the men's low, medium and 2 maximum security prisons. I cannot tell you how much kabbalah has changed my life. I thank God every day for providing me with the tools and teachings of kabbalah. I know that my incarceration has a greater meaning which someday soon, through the tools of kabablah, I will understand better. I also know that there is a diamond in the rough. My coal will turn into diamonds and my chaos will turn into miracles and wonders."

In light of the devastating Tsunami that hit Japan, the Zohar Project has been sending mini Pinchas Zohars and Sacred Zohars this past week to a Zohar Project volunteer in Tokyo to distribute. Other teams around the world are working with us to place Zohars with embassies and other organizations in Tokyo and to Japanese embassies in various cities around the world. Zohar Project teams are also scanning Korach in support of the people of Japan during this critical time.