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New Yehuda Berg eBook Release with Free Download
Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, Kabbalah Publishing Posted On: November 16, 2011

Kabbalah Centre Publishing is pleased to announce the eBook release of Yehuda Berg’s new title, 2012 and Beyond, available from The Kabbalah Centre’s online store as a free download! To get your free download, please click here**. A Spanish edition will also be available for free download on November 23rd. 2012 and Beyond By Yehuda Berg Drawing wisdom from the Zohar, this short kabbalistic text redefines this legendary period of time as a window for individuals and communities to reach “messiah consciousness”. That means it’s up to people, not some celestial savior, to ignite global change. All of the world’s afflictions – natural disasters, poverty, revolutions, anarchy – are wake-up calls to a fragmented humanity. The end is near, but as Yehuda explains this really means “the end of dominance of the human ego. In its place we will experience the unleashing of our true selves – the illuminated human soul.” There must be a critical mass, a certain threshold of transformation to capitalize on this window, and when that occurs, the peoples of the world will function as one body while still appreciating our differences. Our collective minds have the power to bring an end to negative consciousness and birth a new existence right now. ** (A reading device or reading application is required to read eBooks. Please click here to see compatible devices/apps.)