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Karen Berg


In meeting Rav Berg over 40 years ago, Karen met her spiritual partner and her destiny. Together they set out to make Kabbalah comprehensible and relevant to all people in the world desiring an understanding of the spiritual dimension. Their mission has been to provide people with kabbalistic principles they can apply to improve their own lives, and by doing so, uplift the world. Under their stewardship The Kabbalah Centre has grown from a single location into one of the world’s leading sources of spiritual wisdom with more than 40 locations around the globe.

One of Karen’s goals is to inspire spiritual dialogue as a bridge to create peace between diverse groups. She has done this by teaching kabbalistic principles that increase awareness of people’s similarities and celebrate our differences. Kids Creating Peace is one such of these Kabbalah Centre initiatives. Karen travels extensively to communicate her message of universal spirituality and peace, speaking at Mastering the Ultimate Challenges in London and Poland with Donna Karan, and at the Power of Peace conference in London with Dr. Jehan Sadat. She also led more than 1200 people of all faiths on a march of peace with the governor of Nablus in the square that once sparked acts of hatred and war.

Karen’s books include To Be Continued: Reincarnation & the Purpose of Our Lives as well as the bestselling God Wears Lipstick and Simple Light. She lives in Los Angeles, California.