5 Spiritual Lessons About Being a Leader

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5 Spiritual Lessons About Being a Leader

Kabbalah Centre
Juni 17, 2019
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When we find ourselves in a leadership role, it challenges us from every possible direction. It puts our skills to the test, pushes us to deliver results, and requires us to effectively manage a team. With all of that pressure on our shoulders, how do we find a way to juggle our responsibilities and our spirituality? 

"How do we find a way to juggle our responsibilities and our spirituality?"

Here are 5 spiritual tips to help become a better leader:

1. Put aside your ego.

Being placed in a position of power can definitely be an ego trip. It can make us believe we are an expert and know better than those working under us. It can make us feel smarter, harder working, and better than others, and frequently poses the opportunity to show that off!

The problem with this thinking is that it gets in the way of true leadership. No one has all of the answers all of the time, and believing that we do actually prevents us from growing and doing what is best for the team. Don’t assume that you know best! Be open minded and listen to everyone’s input. There’s a reason for that old expression, “There’s no I in team.” 

2. Practice being proactive, not reactive.

When we are reactive, we act without thinking. This may mean we lash out, belittle, demean, or dismiss others. This only creates an environment of tension, fear, and anger within a group. Sometimes it can feel like we need to act these ways in order to be a strong leader. But coming from a reactive place is destructive not only to ourselves and others, but also to our goals. 

The kabbalists teach that without the Creator, we can achieve nothing. And likewise, with the Creator, we can achieve anything. It behooves us as leaders to let the Light in. Being proactive means pausing, reflecting, and asking the Creator to assist us in whatever challenge we are facing. 

3. Give people room to make mistakes.

No one likes to have someone watching over their shoulder while they work. When we give others the space to try new things, they feel empowered. They may not be perfect all the time, but people learn through trial and error. As Karen Berg often says, "It's okay to make mistakes. That's why God put erasers on pencils." Our role is to lend our support, guidance, and experience to help others make informed choices and start with their best foot forward.  

4. Welcome conflict.

Where there is no conflict, there is no growth. Every challenge, no matter how big or small, is designed by the Creator to help you grow. Have certainty that the Creator has a reason for putting these obstacles in your path. Try to see each challenge as an exciting opportunity to try new things, learn, grow, and innovate.  

5. Be kind.

Kindness is a trait that is often overlooked when talking about leadership, but it is one that is so important. Kindness establishes trust throughout an organization and sets the tone for the environment.

Being kind does not mean that you need to be a pushover or a softie. Some people need tough love and a good push in the right direction. You can be firm while still being respectful, fair, and empathetic.  

Sometimes, it can seem that our professional and spiritual lives are completely separate. But if we are to truly transform ourselves, it’s important that we find a way to bring our spiritual work into every aspect of our lives. This is incredibly challenging, but the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity to put our spiritual training to the test! 

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