Astrology Forecast for April 11-17, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for April 11-17, 2021

Rachel Itic
April 11, 2021
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The portion of this week is Tazria Metzora, and it begins with all the energy of the full moon as we start the kabbalistic month of Iyar or Taurus. Full moons are opportunities to start new; they represent the beginning of something—the moment when the moon starts a cycle. This moment contains all the energy we need for the development of this month. It is the seed, and all our potential is contained in the seed. This moment is crucial and holds a lot of meaning since it is here where we can truly manipulate the energy and be in control of what we desire during the month. As our teacher, the Kabbalist Rav Berg, teaches us, at this moment, we can control the future.

Any new beginning is favored, from starting a workout regimen or undertaking a new job, project, or business, as well as signing a contract. The energy is perfect for these activities. However, to take more advantage of this beginning, we have to look at the tonality of what this month gives us. In this particular case, the main character is the sign of Taurus, the bull. So let's take a look at both its positive and challenging characteristics.

  • Taurus is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus, whose basic themes, such as romance, sensuality, joy, enjoyment, harmony, and beauty, are injected into this sign.
  • Taurus is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. This sign knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life and appreciate beauty. Its essence is possessiveness. For that reason, one of its great lessons is to share and let go of apprehension and materialism.
  • Taurus vibrates in comfort, which leads this sign to constantly look for ideal scenarios that will favor any attitudes of comfort, slowing down, and rest. A Taurus gets uncomfortable easily when it comes to getting out of their comfort zone.
  • Another facet of Taurus is that once it becomes angry, it is very difficult to stop the bull, even though this sign does not like confrontation or anything that takes him out of his personal state of well-being.
  • The virtues of Taurus are determination, perseverance, and practicality, which leads the natives of the sign to manifest and achieve their goals. In addition, Taureans are very hard workers, consistent and organized.
  • Taureans also need stability, so anything related to surprises, spontaneity, and the unexpected are not part of his or her vocabulary. Taureans always need to know about the plan or the itinerary ahead of time.
  • Patience is another great virtue of Taurus that leads this sign to enjoy routine and constancy.
  • The weaknesses of a Taurus are stubbornness, laziness, greed, and being materialistic.
  • Taurus is one of the most loyal signs, which benefits its relationships in love and friendship. Despite being an introverted sign, this is one of its great virtues.
  • Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which makes it one of the most traditional and conservative signs. This sometimes makes it hard for Taurus when it comes to change, flexibility, and adaptation.

This year, due to the planetary configuration, planets are pushing the bull to accept change and to adapt better. The more rigid it becomes, the more difficult the process will be. It is important not to forget that this energy is not only for the natives of the sign. One way or another, we will all be influenced by this energy during this month.

The sun and Mercury are in Aries. They emanate an energy of action and constant movement, which is very remote to the sign of Taurus, putting some pressure on it to act with more movement and speed.

On the 14th, Venus changes signs from Aries to Taurus. This movement is of great benefit as it gives strength to the sign of Taurus, which we discussed earlier. Taurus gets all its strength from the planet Venus, kabbalistically known as the planet Noga, an Aramaic word that means Light. The world where Taurus lives is bathed in the Light of beauty, and this excess of Light sometimes leads them to be complacent, proud, and presumptuous, as Rav Berg comments in his book, Kabbalistic Astrology.

The signs of Taurus and Libra are definitely the best positions that Venus has. From this place, it is where their qualities are most sharpened, and the Goddess of Love benefits us the most. At this time, we can plant the right seed using the strengths of this sign: beauty, productivity, enjoyment, harmony, loyalty, and stability. Be careful with stubbornness, laziness, and greed. For this, use the Hebrew letters Vav(who created the sign of Taurus) and Pei,who created the planet Venus. This will help you to connect with the positive aspects of the sign.

At the beginning of the week, the moon is in the sign of Aries, a period of great activity and vitality. Be careful about being impulsive.

On April 14th, the moon passes through Taurus. These are days that give us the tendency to be practical and conservative, as we have the need for stability. They will also be beneficial days for business. Try not to be stubborn; the decisions we make on these days are hard to change.

On April 16th and 17th, the moon is in Gemini. The key to these days is in communication and the exchange of ideas. Be careful with what you say, and stay away from gossip.

Take advantage of the energy of this week permeated by Taurus and Venus. See the beauty of life and increase your gratitude, and thus get away from the feeling of emptiness that leads us to act in a negative way.

Chodesh Tov!

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