Astrology Forecast for April 18-24, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for April 18-24, 2021

Rachel Itic
April 18, 2021
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Sunday is the last day of the New Moon phase. During this time frame, we can all launch, innovate, and promote any type of project or idea. It is the best time to plant the seed, as the energy is flowing and supporting this new action. On the 19th, we enter the second week of the lunar cycle, which is known as the waxing crescent. This moon phase means growth and gives us the strength and energy we need to push forward. It is time to germinate, break from our shells, and go against the force of gravity. This is when we will be tested in order to prove we really have the desire to manifest what we plant during the New Moon.

We may encounter situations that force us to make decisions about our course of action. At this time in the cycle, it is best to define, make decisions, and cement our willpower. It is a moment of growth that helps us bring things to their full manifestation. This is the moment when things happen. Identify an area of your life where you need to take action. This may be the little push you need to manifest your desires.

This week also begins with the entry of the sun and Mercury into Taurus, celestial bodies that join Uranus and the goddess of love, Venus. With this event, Taurus becomes the sign with the most dominance of planets in the planetary configuration of the week. The influence of this sign will be felt not only by Taureans—we will all feel this energy where there is a tendency to be more careful and practical. Use common sense, stay focused on the job at hand, and persevere with patience.

Although Taurus is a very hardworking sign, it always looks for comfort, which could also make them one of the slowest signs. Be careful with this energy. Remember that we are in the crescent phase of the moon,the moment to take action. Don't let laziness get in the way of your determination. These days, we can get very possessive of our material goods. As we seek stability, activities related to the economy and business are beneficial.

Taurus appreciates beauty. The pleasures of life are moments to savor. Whether through a good meal, a massage, or a work of art, give yourself permission to enjoy. Taureans are romantic and sensual, and at this time can feel infused with this energy. Though, beware of stubbornness; Taurus is a fixed earth sign.

We have five planets in earth signs. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are traditional, practical, and materialistic. They seek stability and are rooted to the physical world and reality. On the other hand, we have six planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). They are persistent, hardworking, resistant to change, and not very flexible, which is exactly the energy we’ll experience this week. Try to be more flexible—this is the most important tool of the week, to flow and adapt.

The astrological climate of this week is tense with four planets in Taurus, plus Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. On top of that, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the moon will be in the sign of Leo, which creates even more tension between the fixed signs. The most affected signs will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If you are from any of these signs (either sun or ascendant), or if you have a planet in any of these signs, you will feel this tension with greater intensity. The rest of the signs are not exempt from this energy. Once again, the solution is to flow, take things lightly, and seek cooperation without falling into a war of egos. Our great teacher, Rav Berg, used to teach that it is our job to be above these energies. This week, we can conquer our stubborn ego, seek humility, let go of possessiveness, and above all, realize that we are not in control of everything.

In astrology, the moon is considered a planet because it influences us as much, or even more than the rest of the planets in our solar system. It affects fluids, tides, our moods, our emotions, our needs, and our reactive system. The moon is the fastest astrological body and changes signs approximately every two and a half days. In fact, it is the moon that gives the tonality to our days since the rest of the planets are much slower and take longer to change signs. So, it is important to see where the moon passes daily.

  • On Sunday the 18th and Monday the 19th, the moon is in Cancer. Any type of activity related to being home and with family is recommended. These are days when we are more sensitive, loving, and understandable.
  • On Tuesday the 20th, Wednesday the 21st, and Thursday the 22nd, the moon is in Leo. These days we seek recognition and admiration, as well as romance and power. Be careful with the ego, and work to be more humble. Try not to monopolize the attention of others. Remember that there is a lot of tension in the cosmos that will be felt more during these days.
  • On Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th, the moon is in Virgo. On those days, we may be more critical, analytical, and demanding, with a touch of shyness. Activities that require attention to detail, order, and cleanliness are very beneficial. Support the change of habits—just remember to take it seriously.

The portion of the week is Acharei Mot-Kedoshim. In the portion of Kedoshim, the mitzva (precept) of being the sacred kadosh is written. The word “kadosh” also means separation or to put aside. To embrace the sacred, we have to put aside negativity and separate ourselves from it. The mitzva of becoming sacred implies that, despite our innate instincts, we have implanted (Yetzer Hara). We must strive to be above these impulses. When we do this, humans can rise above the angels.

It is a week of tension and challenges due to the astrological aspects and climate. Remember to be above your negativity; this will turn you into kadosh and thus allow the Light of the creator to be your ally.

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