Becoming More Spiritual

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Becoming More Spiritual

Karen Berg
Juli 20, 2020
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The month of Leo is ruled by the sun, the powerful celestial body that shares its Light with all humanity. Not surprisingly, therefore, the kabbalists explain that the month of Leo is a month of high energy and polarity. Within it exists a huge potential for Light, and at the same time, an equal potential for negativity. For us, this dual energy manifests as pressure. The pressure that we feel is exactly what we need make the changes that will ensure we are less reactive and more sharing in the next year.

As I've mentioned before, we can think of it this way: if we put a piece of coal on the table, nothing happens. It remains a lump of coal. However, when we take that piece of coal and apply a lot of pressure, it becomes a diamond. Likewise, the cosmic pressure of this month gives us the opportunity to take the lumps of coal in our life—the lack, the hatred, the selfishness—and transform them into diamonds—abundance, love, and sharing.

In life, we are either moving towards change or away from it. We are either adding to our negativity or removing it. Once we understand that this is the reality, we can start to tap into real fulfillment. Really, life in the physical dimension is a constant battle. But it’s not a battle between ourselves and the people and situations around us. Rather, it’s battle between ourselves and our own egos.

In this intense time, what we need to remember is that life is not about finding the comfort of a bed of roses to lie on. In our lives, we often try to construct a bed of roses out of many things—a relationship, money, success, approval, and countless addictions. Inevitably, however, we find that the fulfillment is short-lived. The roses wilt and we usually end up getting stuck with thorns.

In the month of Leo, we must try to recognize the opportunities that come to unlock the doors of transformation. We can choose to become more spiritual because of adversities in our lives, knowing that we can become better human beings because of those situations. This is the power of walking a spiritual path; we just have to be patient while the cosmos reveals our spiritual essence in our lives and the world.

The closer we get to the Light-force, the more beautiful and whole the universe becomes. Ultimately there is no darkness, only lack of Light. Overcoming that lack of Light for the benefit of humankind is our job. Let's use the energy of this month of Leo to catapult us—and the world—to a higher spiritual level.

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