Counting the Omer: Week 2

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Counting the Omer: Week 2

Kabbalah Centre
April 4, 2021
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Road to Transformation:

Get out your running shoes! The Omer is a marathon of cosmic cleansing. Kabbalah teaches us that during these forty-nine days following Pesach, we need to take great care in ridding all negative influences from every area of our lives. After Pesach, we begin anticipating Shavuot, the next holiday and in essence the conclusion of Pesach. Pesach was a free connection. The Omer is the work we do to earn the Light of Pesach and Shavuot. We cleanse ourselves by counting the days of the Omer until Shavuot's arrival. The Omer is counted from the second night of Pesach through the night before Shavuot. It is best to count the Omer at nightfall; however, one may count at any time throughout the night.

Over the seven weeks we have the opportunity to break open klipot (negative shells) from within our being, releasing the Light that has been trapped by our own choices. Yes, the extraction process may be painful. But the benefits of releasing the trapped sparks of Light are more than worth it.

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Week 2 - Correcting the Sefira of Gevurah

About Gevurah

Tree of LifeGevurah is known as Judgment. Whereas Chesed gives almost to a fault, Gevurah is miserly. Where Chesed expands, Gevurah contracts. Where Chesed says "share," Gevurah says, "What's in it for me?" Where Chesed celebrates heroism, Gevurah is a disciplinarian with fear looking over its shoulder. Gevurah, run amok, without Chesed's balance, becomes the tyranny of a police state, but the undifferentiated seed that lies in Chesed never become the differentiated tree without Gevurah's strong hand. Gevurah bring the energy of the upper Sefirot into differentiation, which is the beginning of physicality.

Consciousness for Week 2 by Karen Berg

Day 8, April 4-5, 2021
Today is the energy of Loving-Kindness in Discipline. Just for today notice if your criticism of others is really meant for yourself. Recognize what advice you would give those you want to criticize, and then take it for yourself.

Day 9, April 5-6, 2021
Today is the energy of Discipline in Discipline. Take a look at the areas in your life where you have given yourself permission to let negativity run rampant. Today, all day, control your negative patterns; don't give yourself the space, to yell, to overeat, to smoke, to feel depressed...

Day 10, April 6-7, 2021
Today is the energy of Compassion in Discipline. To truly listen is the key for compassion, today all day really, really listen to others.

Day 11, April 7-8, 2021
Today is the energy of Endurance in Discipline. Think about a part of your life you have given up on. Is there more you can still do? Instead of feeling like a victim and shutting down, today take responsibility for what went wrong and do something to open up again.

Day 12, April 8-9, 2021
Today is the energy of Humility in Discipline. Know that without the Creator there is nothing you can do. Today all day get out of the way and make room for the Light.

Day 13, April 9-10, 2021
Today is the energy of Bonding in Discipline. Today share your realization from Day 11 with another person, devise a plan where you can help them to persevere, and they can help you keep going.

Day 14, April 10-11, 2021
Today is the energy of Leadership in Discipline. Today when you see the things you want to change in yourself, remember human dignity begins with you. Mistakes are part of the plan. That is why pencils have erasers. When you can move easily out of your own mistakes, you can help others move easily out of theirs.

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