Creating Unity

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Creating Unity

Rav Berg
Oktober 12, 2018
Gefällt mir Teilen Kommentare

Genesis 11:1 says “The whole earth was one language and things were unified.” What does one language have to do with being unified?

"It is a universal language that can bring the unity."

Simply stated, the longer it takes for us to destroy this myth about the Hebrew language being the possession of only those in Israel, the longer chaos remains. Very few people speak Hebrew, including myself before I went to Israel. I could read Hebrew, but could not speak the language. There is a difference between reading and speaking. Only because of the Zohar do we know that the language referred to in this section was the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

This small verse of seven words tells us everything there is to know: All the wonders that we seek can be accomplished by this one language that removes time, space, and motion, which is fragmentation. The Zohar says that peace and unity can be accomplished by this one language and the technology developed from it. I am not here to get into politics as politics works on another level, but unfortunately politics has a bad track record.

"We can bring this consciousness to others."

There is one thing that can truly bring a solution, and that is flooding areas of conflict with the Zohar. The Hebrew Aleph Bet and the Zohar, together with the Sefer Yetzirah and the teachings of Kabbalah, bring in an energy that is indescribable, by virtue of this language in which Kabbalah is written.

We, each and every single one of us, can bring this consciousness to others. If these things are not taught, the struggle will be more difficult. This is the technology: One language creates this unity and removes the fragmentation of time, space, and motion, or friction and gravity. And this language, Hebrew, does not belong to the Jews, it is a universal language that can bring the unity.

Unity is achieved not by everyone becoming like everyone else but simply through the removal of separation and pain.