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Don’t Pay Twice

David Ghiyam
Dezember 3, 2013
Gefällt mir 4 Teilen Kommentare

Whenever you want to learn a true secret about the weekly portion, always try to learn what our original teachers have shared with us. For us, in our study of Kabbalah, our original teachers are Rav Berg and Karen Berg. You will see or hear, in almost any class or teaching of The Kabbalah Centre, a reference to Rav Berg and Karen Berg, our teachers. Why? Many think it is to pay homage or out of respect – in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason we mention Rav Berg and Karen is all about energy.

As Rav Berg would always share, the most energy exists at the seed level, at the source. Even though sometimes we feel distant from the seed, or we don’t ‘feel’ the energy very strongly, we have to understand that we are receiving energy on a metaphysical level. When we connect to Rav Berg or Karen, we are establishing a connection in a metaphysical way that will allow the secrets we need to learn to better flow into us. And we should know that the only reason this happens is because Rav Berg and Karen are constantly connecting to their teachers, and their teachers before them. This allows for unbelievable continuity and a powerful channel of energy.

In the portion of Vayigash there are many secrets, but one of the most prominent is a lesson from Karen Berg:

Jacob worked very hard his whole life, living to be 147 years old. The Torah shares with us that for 130 of those years, he was going through constant struggle after struggle. In fact, only the final 17 years of his life were Tov (good), according to the Zohar. When Jacob comes to Egypt and Pharaoh asks him how his life has been, he tells Pharaoh, “Few and difficult.” Because of this one complaint, Jacob lost an additional 33 years he was supposed to have in paradise while he was alive.

The lesson that Karen shares is a powerful one. When we go through pain or struggle, this is the payment we need to give to the Opponent (the ‘evil inclination’ and source of all chaos in this world). We are meant to give it to him, and if we pay that price with happiness we will have earned our true fulfillment.

HOWEVER… where most people fail is that they pay the Opponent TWICE. Once for the pain they go through, and then a second time when they complain about that pain. This additional energy is what the Opponent uses to invoke more chaos in our lives. We are all going to have challenges and pain – this is our price to pay to remove Bread of Shame (the spiritual necessity to earn, not simply receive, all real lasting energy in life) and see miracles. Yet, we must remember to not give the Opponent a second payment. Simply put, don’t complain. Accept the pain with happiness – that is the way to make it go away forever.