How to Take Control of your Emotions

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How to Take Control of your Emotions

Kabbalah Centre
Juni 27, 2011
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We are about to enter the month of Cancer. According to Kabbalistic Astrology, people born under the sign of Cancer are the most sensitive and emotional of all the astrological signs and therefore the energy of all emotions originates in this month. What does this mean for us? It means that this month we need to be in control of our emotions so we can use them in a way that enhances our growth and our connection to the Light of the Creator instead of giving into them and falling into a depression.

How do we know if we are in control of our emotions or if our emotions are controlling us? If we feel joy only when everything is going well, then we are not in control. If we do things for instant gratification and for sheer excitement we are not in control of our emotions. If we get angry or sad because things don’t go the way we want them to go, we are not in control of our emotions. Our mood and well-being should not be dependent on anything external, on anything other than our connection to the Light; when they are, we are disconnected from the Light of the Creator, and disconnected from receiving all the blessings and fulfillment we are meant to receive.

This month, we are more prone to give in to our emotions more than usual. This is because the Light is coming to us unfiltered like sunlight without the ozone layer. Without a spiritual ozone layer, we get burned unless we know how to protect ourselves.

The kabbalists explain our desire to connect to the Light of the Creator creates a shield of protection for us. We can reveal greater degrees of Light than ever this month; however, as high as we can rise, so too can we fall. Our job this month is to push ourselves not to give in to our judgment, our fear, our emotions… pushing ourselves not to fall into sadness or depression.

When you start to feel controlled by your emotions here are some tools to help you stop immediately:

1. Identify your emotion.

Step 1: Stop and recognize how you are feeling. Acknowledge, “I am feeling (sad, angry, judgmental, embarrassed, guilty, etc) right now.” Awareness of how you are feeling is crucial in gaining control back of your emotions.

Step 2: Ask yourself, “Why? What happened to cause this mood?” Is it because you behaved in a reactive way and are now feeling the result of your negative behavior?

Step 3: Pinpoint the reactive behavior that caused you to feel this way. Forgive yourself for doing it and commit to making a real effort not to do it again.

Step 4: Choose a new, non-reactive behavior that you will use going forward. Imagine how your life will look if you practice this new behavior. Just by deciding you are going to make a change you will get the energy for it!

 2. Meditate of one of these 72 Names of God:

The 72 Names of God are not names in the ordinary sense; they are formed from 22 Aramaic letters that contain enormous amounts of spiritual energy. Simply scanning the letters from right to left, visualizing them and meditating on using that force in our lives, transmits their power.

I have now been bestowed with the emotional strength to stand after I've stumbled, to rise after I have fallen, and to endure when the path seems unendurable.

I remove the allure and power of the world's controlling "idols" by invoking the power of this Name.  Anger is purged from my heart.  My happiness and p eace of mind are generated from within.

I recall negative deeds from my past.  I reflect on some of my more unpleasant traits.  i feel the pain that I have caused others.  I ask the Light to eradicate all my negative attributes.  The force called repentance spiritually repairs my past mistakes and diminishes the dark side of my nature.

I am now switching off the destructive thoughts that emanate from my ego.  In the space that I've opened, a gentle radiance of spiritual light appears.



When you find your emotions starting to control you, immediately take an action step towards being of service to a person or organization, and get busy helping them! Stop and ask yourself, “Where can I share right now?” And go do it. The less time you are busy with yourself and your problems, the better you feel, and the more you will connect to the Light.

This month, take control over your emotions. Doing this will create a stronger connection to the wisdom and Light of the Creator so that you can truly enhance your life and the lives of all the people around you.