Our Consciousness to the Thoughts of the Creator

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Our Consciousness to the Thoughts of the Creator

Michael Berg
April 17, 2019
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There is a verse that Rav Ashlag used very often, and that Rav Brandwein also used in his teachings with my father, Rav Berg. It is a verse that says the Creator is always thinking of ways for each individual to never get lost or find themselves in a state of darkness, disconnect, or lack. The Creator is constantly thinking about us, and constantly finding ways to remove our lack and connect us to greater Light and blessings; this thought process is almost like GPS. 

"The Creator is constantly thinking about us."

When we’re using GPS and make a wrong turn, the GPS takes a few moments, recalculates, and then gives us another route. And that is what the Creator is doing for us, all day, all the time. When we wake up in the morning, the Creator says, "This is your path. If you go this way, do these things, restrict in these ways, and share in these ways, your day will be filled with only Light and blessings." But if we are not connected to the Creator's thoughts and we make the wrong turn, the Creator does not give up. Just like GPS, the Creator simply recalculates, creating new thoughts for us to bring us back to the path of blessings. And the more we are aware that’s happening, the more it becomes real for us, and the more we are connected to it.

Therefore, as we enter Pesach, we want to ask that our minds and consciousness be bonded to the constant thoughts of the Creator. We want to connect to the certainty that whether we make the right or wrong decisions, the Creator is always recalculating and creating thoughts for our benefit, creating thoughts to bring Light and blessings into our lives.

Rav Ashlag writes about this concept to his students, saying, "When somebody comes to me with a problem, or with a lack, the first thing I do is ask the Light of the Creator to give them the thought of how to fix it. I do not want to be the person who fixes it for them, or even gives them direction. I ask the Creator to give that person the thought to fix it, because when the Creator is giving you the thought, even if you do not understand it or have not received it yet, it already affects you.” 

"It is a lesson to change our lives."

The thoughts of the Creator affect us even if we do not completely understand them yet. And that is happening on Pesach. As such, we want to attach our consciousness to the Creator's consciousness, to those thoughts that the Creator has for us every morning when we wake up, knowing that even if we fall or make a mistake, the Creator is recalculating our day so that there is once again a path for the Light and blessings.

So, our jumping off point as we come to Pesach is to say to the Creator, “I know that You are constantly thinking of ways to bring Light and blessings to me, and I want to live constantly connected to Your thoughts.” Why is it so important to have this consciousness during Pesach? Because there is no other day of the year when the gates are as widely open for us to draw in what we want or need, without needing to earn it. Pesach, in the words of the great kabbalist Rav Avraham Azulai, is a gift. On Pesach, all possible gates are open for us to receive what is lacking, to receive Light and blessings in any area of our life. But in order to receive those things, we have to commit to living with the thoughts of the Creator.

This is a teaching, however, not just for Pesach, but also from Pesach forward in every day of our lives. We can move forward from Pesach constantly aware that the Creator is thinking about us every second of every day, recalculating whenever we take a wrong turn to bring us back to an opportunity in which we can get that blessing or that Light. And if we are honest with ourselves, no matter how spiritual we are, when we wake up in the morning, even if we do our connections, we often forget that there is a much more powerful source that is thinking about our benefit. It is not just us trying to connect and bring blessings into our life; there is this unbelievable Light that can find answers to anything. And the way to connect to those answers and that direction is to know it is available and happening.

This is not a lesson we simply just want to hear. It is a lesson to change our lives. Being connected to the Creator’s constant thoughts for us is available, and if we really understand that, it is extremely inspiring and powerful. We can move forward, starting every day asking to connect to the Creator’s thoughts for us, saying, "I want, today, to attach my consciousness, mind, and essence to the thoughts of the Creator, specifically the constant thoughts that the Creator is having for my benefit.” On Pesach, if we commit, desire, and ask for it, we can attach our consciousness and thoughts to the Creator's constant thoughts for us, not just during Pesach, but always.