Reclaiming Our Divinity

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Reclaiming Our Divinity

Karen Berg
April 25, 2021
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This article was previously published in 2018.

If you ever have the privilege of seeing some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, you will be aware of the great power and beauty they possess. Standing tall and magnificent, they are kings of the sky and of the earth. But interestingly, mountains, even the greatest ones, are comprised of many little stones. We talk about this on the holiday of Yom Kippur. A stone is comprised of the same elements, the same essence, as the mountain from which it came. When a mere stone returns to the mountain, the stone, once again, becomes that mountain. We too are like that stone. We are children of the Creator and distance from Him can cause us to forget our own divinity. But indeed, we are a spark of the Creator. We are His essence and we are holy. The Torah teaches that the High Priest wore a plate that read, “Holy to the Lord.” We should not think that only the High Priest garnered this title. Each and every one of us are “Holy to the Lord.” Our spiritual journey, as little stones, is to become aware of our inner divinity and make that journey back to the mountain, reclaiming our Divine Inheritance. This week, the cosmos supports us in seeing this truth. The time has come to claim our Holy Spark within and awaken the Creator that has lain dormant inside for far too long.

"Our Spark of Divinity is brought into the light this week."

Our portion this week is Emor. This portion offers us a vast amount of spiritual Light, one of the most in the entire year. It discusses the qualities and characteristics of the priests. Priests were pure. They behaved, dressed, and even ate in the purest way possible. But we must not forget, that we are actually reading about ourselves. Inside, we, too, are pure, even if on the outside we may be behaving in ways that are not in alignment with that energy. We have the divinity within and when we act in the ways of lovingkindness, we can allow that purity and holiness to manifest outwardly as well. The portion of Emor is also special in that it discusses all of the high holy days throughout the year. It is known for this unique power. This week, the massive Light and holiness of all the holidays are amidst us. Holidays are “windows in time” that are invaluable blessings. They offer us renewal, purification, abundance, joy, miracles, freedom, and even a taste of immortality. These are days in which we can bask in the Creator’s holiness and Light. During “holy-days”, we are placed back on the “mountain” to reconnect and remember our divinity. Our Spark of Divinity is brought into the light this week. The Creator wants us to remember we are his children and to access this great power so we can improve the lives of others, the world, and ourselves.       

At times in life, we can find ourselves forgetting this truest wisdom. For we do have another part of us, a Desire to Receive just for ourselves, that can take us away from this knowledge and the Creator’s energy. We can find that after years of making choices that are not in alignment with love and giving, that we may have forgotten who we are at our core. It may seem an impossibility for a son or daughter of a king to ever forget their inheritance, but it does happen. It is when we share and love that we get a glimpse into the divinity we possess inside. The power we have to make this world and the lives of others better was given to us from our Father, the Creator. It is the greatest gift ever granted. The power to love and be a Light for others is our most holy of qualities. We can begin to follow this path at any moment. Holiness is our birthright and we can activate it, once again.

"May we never forget how special each and every one of us is."

In your meditations this week, take yourself to the world’s greatest mountain. Close your eyes, take a breath, and travel to the far east. Take yourself to the Himalayas and to the top of the mighty Mount Everest. In your mind’s eye, see the whole world at your feet and the Universe at your hands. The sun and the moon dance around you. It is time to reclaim the glory within and ignite it! Remember you are a spark of the Creator. You have the power to love endlessly. You have the power to wipe away tears and bring a smile to the face of others. You have the great glory to be able to change the world for the good. You can choose love over hate. You can choose “to give” instead of taking. The Creator shines outwardly, from within. The purity of a kind heart, that cares for the feelings and needs of others, is finally remembered and restored. You are back on the mountain, and you have become one with the Creator. Love is who and what you are. This has always been.  You are “Holy to the Lord” because the Lord is holy.

May we never forget how special each and every one of us is. In this way, we can treat each other with the human dignity that we deserve, bringing an end to unnecessary pain and suffering in this world.

By seeing the divinity that exists in another, we will come to know and reclaim the divinity that exists in ourselves. 

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