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Staying Focused

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Welcome to the month of Gemini!

As we move along from one month to another on the zodiac wheel, each month presents us with the opportunity to evolve and grow from the energies and influences of the previous month.

In ending the month of Taurus, the energy can get heavier, making movement, change, or adapting to new ideas and situations in our life more challenging. In contrast, the month of Gemini offers us lighter energy. Gemini is one of the mutable signs, which allows us to be more open-minded, go with the flow, and activate our more flexible nature when needed this month.

As we are presented an opportunity to connect to positive energy, we are also presented with an opportunity to overcome the more challenging traits of the sign. This month we will all want to be aware of the potential danger of seeking temporary and superficial fulfillment. Try to avoid the desire to disengage, abandon, or neglect current life commitments. Gemini is tremendously curious and always seeks knowledge and new adventures. One of the goals of this month is to connect to deeper spiritual wisdom, not just external information and intellectual fulfillment.

Let’s take a look at this month’s unique cosmic settings. The cosmos is always here to support us in our spiritual journey. The New Moon starts its new cycle on May 12th this year. There is so much going on in the cosmos at this time.

Like typical Gemini months, there is an overload of information and changeable energy also in the cosmos. In order to prevent all of us from being swept away with constantly changing external influences, let’s focus on one of the most powerful cosmic changes that take place this month. Planet Jupiter—the planet of growth, expansion, and opportunity—moves into the sign of Pisces. After a yearlong visit in the sign of Aquarius, the planet joins Neptune (already in its home sign for a long time) for the upcoming few months. This connection of both Neptune and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces hasn’t happened since the mid-1800s!

This shift of Jupiter into Pisces is a very helpful and supportive movement in our world these days. In the past few months, there have been many cosmic planetary battles where fixed-sign energy ruled. A lot of internal battles and a lack of flexibility and openness was challenging to all of us! Very stiff and stubborn. As Jupiter moves along, it will create nice aspects to Uranus and Pluto that are in earth signs, and we will have four out of five outer planets aligned in a very supportive way, working together. In the last year, they’ve been challenging each other a lot!

How can this energy support us? Jupiter in Pisces is a very spiritual combination, giving this month support of much-needed spiritual enlightenment. This is exactly what we need in the month of Gemini. Jupiter allows us to gain a more meaningful, deep, and profound connection to everything that is going on in our lives. The combination is also very compassionate and open-hearted. And that will be amazingly helpful in a month where the head and the mind rule! (Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury—both elements of the mind!) Another interesting cosmic setting that takes place in the beginning of the month is that many planets are residing in their home sign, which is a more comfortable placement. That could feel like many pieces of the puzzle are falling into the right place. Stay tuned to witness this idea play out! See if you gain better clarity and clearer vision about different aspects of your life.

As I said before, there is so much more that takes place this month, but in order to keep our focus and intentions in one place (which is actually what we need to do in such a changeable month as Gemini), let’s focus on what we have mentioned above, and this month will be a very powerfully profound and spiritually enlightening one for all of us!

Happy New Moon!