The War Within

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The War Within

Rav Berg
August 24, 2018
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Ki Tetze discusses the rules concerning the military. However, there is a big difference in our perception of a military soldier and that which the Bible is talking about. The Zohar says that the soldiers were righteous people; but we have to ask how could the Zohar be talking about a military soldier who kills, rapes, and loots? Is this what the Bible is referring to? Why would we want to choose only righteous people who would be forced to kill people? We have the English Zohar, and it is so important that we indulge in reading it weekly because it provides a greater level of consciousness—knowing the knowledge—that can enable us to act as channels.

"The fundamental reasoning and discipline of Kabbalah is to question."

If we treat the Bible as only a literal translation, as has been done for 4000 years, we fall into certain modes and traps that we have created within our traditional interpretations, and thus lose all of our faculties of inquiry.

The fundamental reasoning and discipline of Kabbalah is to question, is inquiry. Therefore, the Zohar wants us to know that war is not part of the teaching of Bible. Any form of negativity is contrary to the Bible. The Bible offers only one aspect of existence and that is how to tap into the Lightforce of God, and create a wealth of Light until the old rule kicks in: Where Light exists darkness cannot rule. The Bible’s objective is to remove chaos from our lives on a very personal level. If everyone would take care of their own chaos, we would not see it around us.

When one is indulging in his or her attachment to the Lightforce of God, war would never emerge, that is why The Kabbalah Centre has this endeavor to bring the Zohar to every corner of the world because we know it is the energy of the Zohar in one’s home that empowers us to move toward proactivity, and not reactivity. The Zohar will never consider death as an alternative for war. The Zohar is a means to ending all war.

The Zohar explains that the purpose of why we are here is to seek our own soul, and this is a war. For people to connect to themselves is indeed the most difficult war. Most people do not even consider that the soul has any bearing. The Zohar says when we indulge in the reading of the Bible, we are capturing energy to acquire the strength to understand who we are and how we can end chaos, and that just by listening to each biblical reading gives us this additional energy to seek out peace and harmony in our own lives.

"There is a war that goes on in all of us."

There is a constant war between our body and our soul, and the body consciousness does not leave us until they pronounce us dead. How then should the soul, in its effort to support us, bring an end to chaos? For the most part, in its captivity within the body, the soul does not understand the limitations of time, space, and motion. Satan has had full freedom, directing the formidable years of a child until 12 or 13 years old, which is when everyone is developing their behavior patterns that will affect the rest of their life. The Zohar says we have to change all that, to become a righteous person free of turmoil, free of chaos. What we have here is another tool to break that chain around our necks, something that is almost impossible to break through. The Zohar is our support to free us.

When we discuss death or punishment in the Bible, there is no such thing as death or punishment by God. The Bible is speaking about nothing less than cause and effect, like putting one’s finger in the socket, and similar ideas. When we act in a reactive nature the consequences are after its kind.

The Bible is teaching us the absolute of quantum. Constantly thinking of others is how quantum works. When we first place this healing process on others, then we will be healed first; this is the basic premise of the whole idea. At The Kabbalah Centre, we know quantum is a way of life, but it does not make rational sense, because it defies logic. The Bible and Zohar in this portion are telling us there is a war that goes on in all of us and that there is something that can achieve victory over it.