Vayechi: Unity and Blessings

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Zohar Class With Eitan Yardeni

Vayechi: Unity and Blessings

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 5, 2013
Original aufgenommen: Dezember 28, 2009

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Vayechi is the last portion of Genesis and the Malchut of Keter
  • No space between this portion and the portion before it
  • The Exile of the Israelites in Egypt begins with Jacob going into Egypt
  • Infusion of Light that protects us from future exiles and falling down
  • The blessing of Efraim and Menashe; the cure comes before the illness and solution before the chaos
  • Capricorn and the first line of the Ana b’Koach
  • The zodiac and the tikun of the four elements
  • Rav Chaim Vital writes that sadness comes from heaviness and laziness
  • The Tetragrammaton and the levels of the Sefirot
  • We cannot connect to Light and blessing on our own
  • Our role is to complete the perfection of the world; we are co-creators, but without a channel the Light remains dormant
  • Individual correction (Malchut) and the assistance of the righteous (Zeir Anpin) is necessary to activate the blessing of Binah
  • Blessings from a great sage without individual transformation can result in more chaos
  • A great leader is also a great follower and a great follower is also a great leader
  • Scanning and reading the Zohar is connecting us to Rav Shimon bar Yochai
  • Immortality: Rav Shimon cancels Rav Yitzchak’s sentence of death


Join Eitan as he explores the portion of Vayechi and its lessons on the importance of unity and the special assistance that Vayechi provides us with as the last portion of the Book of Genesis and the energy of the Malchut of Keter.

Über diesen Kurs

Written 2,000 years ago by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, the Zohar explains all of the secrets of the Bible, the Universe and every aspect of life. The Zohar class is a weekly journey to understand the energy and challenges that will confront us during the week and how we can elevate our consciousness to prevent chaos from occurring in our lives.