The Month of Scorpio and The Memory of Water

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The Events of Scorpio

The Month of Scorpio and The Memory of Water

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 24, 2013
Original aufgenommen: Oktober 3, 2010

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Our Opponent discourages us from going deeper to find truth in simple concepts
  • Uncovering deep truths from simple concepts is a sign of growth
  • Inner Light and Surrounding Light
  • The importance of our environment: Surrounding light is the residual affect of someone else's Inner Light
  • Our soul is a vessel, our cells are a vessel, and water is a vessel 
  • Water holds memory 
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book Messages from Water
  • Noach’s time before the flood and water’s purity contributing to Inner Light
  • Today's water is corrupted by its absorption of the Surrounding Light of discord 
  • Filtering water cannot remove the energy of disharmony: corrupted water can shorten our life 
  • The method of creation of Kabbalah Water 
  • Our environment acts like a magnet 
  • Scorpio is potentially the most selfish of the astrological signs 
  • Noach and the flood
  • Drinking Kabbalah Water to balance the affects of a negative environment 
  • The necessity of associating with things that have light 
  • The value of staying with negative people until we can associate with the goodness within them 
  • Scorpio, the Hebrew Letters and the energy of Coldness 
  • The 72 Names and the Hebrew Letters are the tools to transform coldness and the negativity of the flood
  • Transforming our consciousness to be one with water and the Zohar 
  • The letters of the month of Scorpio: Dalet and Nun  
  • Tapping the protective energy of Rachel The Matriach this month


David awakens us to the provocative secrets behind Inner Light and Surrounding Light.  The energy of Scorpio challenges us to adopt greater responsibility for the environments where we spend our time in and the energies that influence us.  Additionally, the impression we leave behind with our own Inner Light can serve as a positive Surrounding Light to others.  This may be the most fundamental way we can share responsibly with those around us.

Über diesen Kurs

Throughout the year we have opportunities to connect with unique and powerful spiritual energies. Increasing our awareness of these windows in time and understanding the kabbalistic prayers and tools  that establish our connection not only improves our lives, but creates the positive change and lasting fulfillment we desire while drawing these divine energies to support the entire world.