Lesson 2

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Pesach Seminar 2010

Lesson 2

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 26, 2013
Original aufgenommen: Februar 28, 2010

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Removing negative love and negative fears with the power of Pesach
  • Determining our essence through our anger, how we spend our money,  and when we are drunk
  • The sefirot reflected in aspects of Zeir Anpin (our consciousness):
    • Chesed: the ability to share and care
    • Gevurah: the ability to set boundaries
    • Tiferet: the ability to restrict
    • Netzach: the ability to persevere
    • Hod: the ability to see the future
  • Correcting Hod with Chanukah, Purim, and the Ana b’koach
  • Judgment caused by negative forces surrounding us
  • Zeir Anpin is protected within Binah as negativity surrounds Da’at
  • Our consciousness leaves us when we are reactive
  • Filling the void through temporary fulfillment and addictions
  • Connecting to the Zohar when we do not understand; struggle and effort reveals Light
  • Story of Pesach; the Israelites (our consciousness) were surrounded by such negativity (Egypt) they had no free will to break it
  • Pesach and the Ten Plagues break the negativity and allow for the rebirth of consciousness
  • The Tenth Plague and the significance of the first born
  • Preparing the Vessel for the energy of freedom; cleaning out and acknowledging our spiritual garbage
  • Pharaoh (The Opponent) removes the first born (Zeir Anpin) resulting in the Tenth Plague, the killing of Egypt’s first born
  • Loss of consciousness results in the worst lack
  • The stronger our consciousness, the faster and greater the blessings unfold for us
  • Pesach is the birth of a mature consciousness (Zeir Anpin) that cannot be affected by negativity
  • Revealing Gadlut Bet on Pesach 
  • The night of the Seder determines all arguments and conflicts for the year
  • The astrology of Pesach
  • Stages of development and raising children: katnut aleph (0-3 years), gadlut aleph (3-13 years), katnut bet (13-20 years), and gadlut bet (20+ years)


Join David as he continues to explore how connecting with the energy avaialble on the holiday of Pesach can assist us in created and experience true freedom in our lives and how we can build a vessel to capture the light avaialble on the night of the Seder.

Über diesen Kurs

Throughout the year we have opportunities to connect with unique and powerful spiritual energies. Increasing our awareness of these windows in time and understanding the kabbalistic prayers and tools  that establish our connection not only improves our lives, but creates the positive change and lasting fulfillment we desire while drawing these divine energies to support the entire world.