Inner Peace Workshop

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Awaken Inner Peace

Inner Peace Workshop

Veröffentlicht: Mai 10, 2019
Original aufgenommen: Mai 10, 2018

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Exploring the meaning of peace
  • Short guided visualization on inner peace
  • Journaling using the kabbalistic Tree of Life/Ten Luminous Emanations, and the 7 chakra energy centers
    • The Emanation of Malchut corresponds with the root chakra:
      • Represents the kingdom, physical world and idea of manifestation
      • Challenges in the body include the lower hips, lower abdomen, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes
    • The Emanation of Yesod corresponds with the sacral chakra:
      • Represents our foundation and connection to sustenance and abundance
      • Challenges in the body include our lower abdomen, uterus, upper hips
      • Non-physical challenges connect to worrying and feelings of lack
    • The Emanation of Hod corresponds with the solar plexus chakra
      • Represents glory and self esteem
      • Challenges in the body include our stomach, intestines, digestion
      • Non physical challenges connect to our self esteem and self worth
    • The Emanation of Netzach also corresponds with the solar plexus chakra
      • Represents certainty and trust
      • Non physical challenges connect to situations in our life where we are overly controlling
    • The Emanation of Tiferet corresponds with the heart chakra
      • Represents beauty, balance, and love
      • Challenges in the body include areas of the chest, lungs, heart
      • Non physical challenges are connected with relationship issues
    • The Emanation of Gevurah corresponds with the throat chakra
      • Represents strength, communication and expression
      • Challenges in the body include the throat area, thyroid, vocal cords
    • The Emanation of Chesed also corresponds with the throat chakra
      • Represents mercy and acceptance
      • Non physical challenges are situations that we wish to keep outside of ourselves
    • The Emanation of Binah corresponds with the third eye chakra
      • Represents understanding
      • Challenges in the body include our head
      • Non physical challenges include doubts and limitations that we put on ourselves
    • The Emanation of Chochmah also corresponds with the third eye chakra
      • Represents  wisdom and truth
      • Non physical challenges include illusionary realities and memories that are disturbing us
    • The Emanation of Keter corresponds with the crown chakra
      • Represents the crown and being the cause of our own reality
      • Non physical challenges include externals that create an internal disbelief in our power, ability and Light


Join Alison in this journaling workshop using the kabbalistic Tree of Life and 7 chakra system, for defining within ourselves where we can awaken inner peace.

Über diesen Kurs

Kabbalists teach that through meditation you can connect to the voice of your soul, awakening your innate ability to receive powerful heart-based messages and guidance. During this two-part interactive meditation workshop for students of all levels, you will learn how to use the kabbalistic secrets of The Tree of Life to: release & cleanse stress, pressure, challenges, and worries, as well as balance & restore your energy centers to feel grounded and empowered. Join us as we create a sacred space - together- to connect to your inner Light. For this Meditation Workshop, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, choose a quiet space where you won’t be easily distracted, and have a journal or paper ready with a pen for the written meditation exercises.