Kabbalistic Tools for Enhancing Our Dreams

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The Power of Dreams

Kabbalistic Tools for Enhancing Our Dreams

Veröffentlicht: Mai 14, 2019
Original aufgenommen: Dezember 5, 2018

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Reading the Shema at bedtime:
    • Leshem Yichud:  a code for building our Vessel
    • Ribono Shel Olam: asking for forgiveness and letting go of any anger and resentment
    • Blessing of Hamapil: the force that awakens and returns all 59 parts of the soul to our body
    • Scanning two columns from the Ari
    • The Shema: energetically killing the Opponent
    • Ya'alzu: energy of protection from negative entities using a metaphysical sword and commitment of change
    • Hine Mitato Shelishlomo: learning as we sleep
    • Asking ourselves if we did enough spiritual work in our life today, and are we happy if this is the last day in our physical body
    • Blessing of the Cohanim: 60 letters corresponding to 60 parts of the soul, and connects us to self esteem and self value
    • Yoshev Beseter Elyon: surrounding our body and soul with Light 
    • Ana Beko'ach: correction of the soul
    • Nafshi Iviticha: remaining in the world after we complete a level of our soul
    • Lemnatze'ach: helping our soul achieve its true potential, stimulating our physical and metaphysical memory
    • Im Tishkav: the best guarantee that our soul will return to us in the morning
  • Sheelat Chalom: 
    • asking a question in a dream
    • related to angels and sacred names
    • only to be used under extreme conditions
  • Hatavat Chalom: 
    • sweetening judgment 
    • internalizing the message within the dream
    • the meaning of some symbols we may see in our dreams
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In this lesson, Mordechay provides us with kabbalistic prayers and meditations for use at bedtime that can enhance our dreams, protect our soul while we sleep, and assist us in achieving our highest potential each day.

Über diesen Kurs

The Zohar explains that while we sleep 59 of the 60 parts of the soul leave our bodies, leaving only 1/60th to physically sustain us. When the body is in slumber, the chains of physical existence break. The soul becomes free to ascend to a higher place in the spiritual realm where it receives nourishment and messages. According to Kabbalah, dreams offer us insight that can help us grow spiritually; information regarding our past, present, and future are highlighted for our review. The degree of truth revealed through our dreams is directly related to our consciousness and the way we live our daily lives. In this course, students will explore why we sleep and dream, and how to maximize the quality of our dreams. Join us as we uncover dream interpretations and cancellations, as well as the meaning behind different types of dreams and when they occur during our sleep cycles. Receive kabbalistic tools and meditations to enhance your soul’s experience during sleep and gain clarity on your dreams.