Four Levels of Consciousness

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The Light of Wisdom: Writings of Rav Ashlag

Four Levels of Consciousness

Veröffentlicht: März 8, 2018
Original aufgenommen: Dezember 12, 2017

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Someone who serves himself can serve others
  • Only weak people need respect and honor, external approval and recognition
  • Strong people acknowledge their own value, and don’t need the recognition of others
  • The punishment for envying is getting envious
  • We have to share constantly because sharing is the way to happiness
  • Earth is a being itself, represents the vessel, the desire to receive
  • Air is central column, breathe in and breathe out, the resistance to create a circle
  • Water is right column, sharing
  • Fire is left column, desire to receive
  • Everything comes from earth, meaning from desire


In this lesson, Meir Yeshurun explores Chapter 3, paragraphs 3-6 to 3-10 of the Light of Wisdom by Rav Ashlag, and explains that humanity comes from earth which is a code name that contains four levels of consciousness (earth, air, water, and fire).  In addition, Meir explains the three tendencies or qualities through which the masses evolve, until a complete human being emerges out of them: jealousy, greed, and honor. 

Über diesen Kurs

Rav Ashlag, the founder of The Kabbalah Centre, was a visionary pioneer. He stood in the face of opposition and made it his mission to plead the case of studying this wisdom. Over the past few years more of Rav Ashlag’s writings have been making their way to the Kabbalah Centre. These new writings, which contain Rav Ashlag’s thoughts and explanations on a variety of topics are being brought to the public for the first time in this class. Join Senior Instructor Meir Yeshurun for this in-depth study of one of the most difficult, yet profound Kabbalistic texts and reveals the essence and central focus of our spiritual work.