The Seder

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Pesach 2020
Achieving Ultimate Freedom and Fulfillment: Our Essence is Enough

The Seder

Veröffentlicht: Mai 18, 2020
Original aufgenommen: April 8, 2020

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • Recommended: The Kabbalistic Pesach Hagaddah (Michael refers to pages of this prayer book throughout the Seder)
  • Stage 1 Kadesh: Receiving the first infusion of the Great Light of Pesach
  • Stage 2 Urchatz: Asking for the elevation and purification of our desires
  • Stage 3 Karpas: Connecting with the consciousness of greater Light when we are feeling uninspired (with video recording of Rav Berg)
  • Stage 4 Yachatz: Breaking open the Light of certainty, healing and receiving the strength to battle any forces of negativity
  • Stage 5 Magid: Revealing the Light for miracles, healing, freedom and assistance that we need (with consciousness lecture from Monica Berg)
  • Stage 6 Rachtza: Elevating to our next spiritual level
  • Stages 7 & 8 Motzi Matzah
  • Stage 9 Maror: Removing the power of death (with video recording of Rav Berg)
  • Stage 10 Korech: eating the maror and matzah while leaning to the left without a blessing
  • Stage 11 Shulchan Orech: Eating an egg from the Seder plate diffed in salt water (with video recording of Rav Berg)
  • Stage 12 Tzafun: Revealing the fulfillment for any lack
  • Stage 13 Barech: Elevating sparks of Light concealed within the meal
  • Stage 14 Hallel: Drawing assistance from Elijah the Prophet, the conduit to the Light of the Final Redemption
  • Stage 15 Nirtzah: Becoming unified with the Light of the Creator


“Our inherent power to activate unity exists not in our physically being together, but with our consciousness.” Michael Berg

Kabbalists teach that all of the supernal gates are open on the holiday of Pesach like no other time of the year. Join Michael as he guides us through the 15 steps of the Seder. As we elevate from one great Light to another, he reveals how we can receive Mochin Decherut, a new consciousnes of freedom and redemption.

Special recorded conscousness lectures of Rav Berg on Pesach are included in this very special Seder recorded at the home of Michael and Monica.

Über diesen Kurs

On Pesach we connect to the energy of life, renewal, and freedom from the restraints of our old movies. During the first night of Pesach, the world is freed from the chains of destiny. On this night the technology of the Seder, including the reading of the Haggadah, eating matzah, and participating in certain spiritual meditations and songs, allows us to access cosmic assistance that can change and replace our movie for a better one without having to become righteous human beings. Pesach frees our minds from limited thinking, and breaks through the walls we have built, allowing us to connect to the Light and to others.