The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

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The Tree of Life: Based on the Teachings of Rav Ashlag

The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

Veröffentlicht: Oktober 13, 2021
Original aufgenommen: Mai 26, 2021

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Höhepunkte der Lektion

  • When the Ari speaks about the Endless wanting to reveal its names and attributes, these are all the actions and corrections that come from cause and effect in the Five Worlds until the level of completion of correction
  • On the cause level of the Endless Light, the intention for the completion of correction was included
  • The Vessel of the Light went through Tzimtzum to achieve more similarity of form with the Light of the Creator (Endless Light), meaning transform the Desire to Receive into a Desire to Share
  • When we practice Restriction, we allow the technology embedded into the intention of Creation to take effect
  • Tzimtzum is a process we continue to go through for the sake of elevating our desire
  • We choose how we go through Tzimtzum; we can resist it or flow with it
  • When we speak about the names or attributes of the Creator, we are referring to the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, connected to the level of Keter - the first path of correction
  • The purpose of the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy is to transform the Vessels of Receiving into Vessels of Sharing


In this lesson, we learn how Tzimtzum is constantly taking place, and how our free will determines whether or not we are the cause or effect of any process in life. Our desire is refined through the process of Tzimtzum and the Creator’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.

Über diesen Kurs

Rav Yehuda Ashlag, renowned founder of The Kabbalah Centre, wrote several seminal kabbalistic texts that illustrate key understandings for applying the ancient wisdom into our lives. Amongst his works is a book on the Tree of Life – otherwise known as the Ten Emanations/Sefirot that make up our reality – which provides a foundation on how to connect with the consciousness behind each of the Ten Emanations, giving us the ability to awaken that particular level in our life. Join us for an in-depth study of each of the Ten Emanations as detailed in Rav Ashlag’s book, 'Tree of Life with Panim Meirot and Panim Masbirot'. As we study Rav Ashlag’s powerful insights into the Sefirot, we’ll learn how to build a unified consciousness with the intention of elevating not only ourselves, but the entire world to a level free from pain and suffering.