Lighting a Fire
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Lighting a Fire

Yael Yardeni
April 3, 2019

We are now entering a brand new astrological month, as well as a brand new time zone — lunar Aries, or in Aramaic, Rosh Chodesh Nissan. This cosmic window of time, which coincides with the astrological New Year, is right around the corner! So, let’s examine this month’s forecast, and learn more about what the cosmos has in store for all of us.

"Why was Aries chosen to be the beginning of the year?"

Rosh Chodesh Nissan always arrives with the start of spring. Interestingly, the 12 first days of the month contain the DNA of the next 12 months of the year and the ability to influence the 12 signs of the zodiac. The kabbalists teach that the Aramaic word for spring, aviv, can also be read as av yud bet, literally  meaning, “the father of 12.” Therefore, we have access to a cosmic program that can put our lives in order for the coming astrological year.

Why was Aries chosen to be the beginning of the year?

There are many spiritual reasons for this. First, Aries is a fire sign, symbolizing the primordial fire that creates life. In kabbalistic astrology, the first three signs of the zodiac, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini were created by the first letter of the Tetragramaton, Yud, which spells the holy Name of God (יהוה). Each of the four letters of the divine name created an element in nature and astrology. The Yud is fire, the first Hey is air, the Vav is water, and the final Hey is earth.

As a side note, when we look at nature, all atoms have the fire element in their core. Even our blue planet has fire in its core. Fire is the foundation for all living creatures. For example, the heat and temperatures of our bodies are also fire.

"The secret of Aries is in finding our internal freedom."

Second, the secret of Aries is in finding our internal freedom — the key to gaining real free will. For those who have read Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search for Meaning, it’s like the realization that no matter the circumstances, no one can take away our freedom of choice. This is the first step to truly building our future.

In addition, the lunar month of Nissan is under the ruling of planet Mars,the zodiac warrior. Mars’ look is unmistakable — it has a very red atmosphere, indicative of its martial and aggressive quality. Called Ma’adim in hebrew, its root is in blood, the word “dam.” In traditional astrology, Mars rules challenges, energy levels, and confrontations. Often called the “lesser malefic” (as opposed to Saturn, the great malefic), Mars is the energy giver and power plant of the solar system.

Rav Abraham Ibn Ezra, a renowned kabbalist and Spanish astrologer of the 11th and 12th century, writes the following about Mars:

“It is hot, dry, harmful. It indicates rebellion, bloodshed, war, fighting. Of the earth minerals it rules red copper, iron sulfur, and naphtha… its share of human nature is speed, courage, victory, strength, but also fighting, dispute, anger, insults, and curses…”

Technically, the energy we receive from Mars this month, will help us in all our future battles, wars, and confrontations in the year to come. Better to be prepared!

As we take a closer look at this month’s chart and energy at the birth of the new moon (molad), we find Mars to be in dual Gemini! This gives Mars a lot of mercurial characteristics, such as high speed, a desire to react verbally, and even a slightly aggressive way of using words. This placement of Mars will also accelerate our decision making, and all intellectual activities will be reinforced. In short, a lot of talking and communication are expected this lunar month, and we will certainly find pleasure in confrontations and great debates. Obviously, this will also give all of us a bit of a nervous streak. This month, stay busy with more specific talks.

The other surprise in the lunar month’s chart is the remarkable amount of planets in earth signs, especially in heavy Capricorn. In fact, this will prove to be a blessing in disguise, as the Earth will ground and anchor the electric streak of Aries. So, this is a fantastic time to be more realistic in manifesting our ideas!

The only shady zone this month is love and relationships, as we witness a planetary triad of Venus, Mercury, and Neptune, all in Pisces. Care should then be taken not to make great commitments and decisions in love, partnerships, and associations, as it will appear later they are merely a Neptunian illusion!

As we await for the important cosmic window of Pesach, the Aries full moon and the symbol of our freedom from bondage, we should work on the following spiritual goals:

  • Gaining maturity
  • Listening carefully to messages
  • Becoming more aware of others’ needs
  • Gaining deeper understanding
  • Letting go of our childish selfishness
  • Realizing that reacting is useless

A very happy new astrological year to all!