Astrology Forecast for August 19-25, 2018

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Astrology Forecast for August 19-25, 2018

Yael Yardeni
August 19, 2018

We are right at the beginning of the lunar month of Elul, or Virgo! Much has been written kabbalistically about this very key month in the cosmic year. Lunar Virgo always precedes the cosmic New Year, and is destined to be a kind of a laundromat for the soul, cleansing us spiritually just before our souls recharge for the year ahead. And, of course, as you have probably guessed… it has the power to show us things we usually cannot see, exactly like the sign of this month! 

"The first step is always recognition."

The sign of Virgo is famous (and infamous!) for seeing very small details and magnifying the un-seen. We find a lot of OCD in the Virgo population. As it happens, wise kabbalists teach that everything has a purpose in the universe; nothing has been created in vain. The ability to see so much comes in very handy at this precise time of the year. Use this powerful gift well.

Here is a wonderful suggestion for this upcoming week to give you a great spiritual jump. Make a list of all the characteristics and traits you possess. Decide which of them are blocking you from being truly happy, lighter, and more sharing. Chances are, one trait will stand out more strongly than the others. That’s your focus for these three weeks to come. The first step is always recognition – to recognize the situations or circumstances that make this trait bolder.

For example, let’s say you suffer from nagging insecurity, and you really want to get rid of this trait. The first step is to recognize the circumstances that awaken insecurity.

Perhaps, you have been invited to a birthday gathering, and once you arrive you feel a bit underdressed, or not ready for social interaction. This is the trigger moment.

What are you to do? Act exactly opposite of how you feel! We cannot believe all of our feelings; they are not reliable. So, our first course of action is to "fake it till you make it."

"Research the true underlining cause."

Our second assignment is to research the true underlining cause of this behavior. Trust me, the cosmos will – in true Virgo fashion – highlight the seed level of this trait! Whether it is insecurity, or maybe even a lack of certainty, just stay open to all realizations.

Let's gaze more closely at this week's chart, as we always do.

The week starts with a moon in energetic Sagittarius, Venus in Libra (to bring harmony and closeness), and a very strong sixth house (for work). That’s what we call true cosmic support. In addition, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde in tough Capricorn to help us make these changes. But, the truest blessing of this week is being more in sync with our souls, as Neptune is in the first house in deep Pisces.

All in all, it’s a week to go to war against our negativity without fear. Since Mercury rules Virgo and is such a fast planet, all changes we make in the coming three weeks will be quick and efficient, just like the sign (though, there’s no guarantee it will be painless!)