Astrology Forecast for December 17-23, 2017

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Astrology Forecast for December 17-23, 2017

Yael Yardeni
December 17, 2017

Good news! We are right now entering one of the year’s highlights! This entire week holds a very special energy, and it falls under the auspicious cosmic window of Jupiter’s miracles, Chanukah.

Many great seeds should be planted this week, and there is no way are we going to miss this opportunity! Now is the time to dream much bigger than we usually do.

When looking at the world’s chart, we, indeed, discover very interesting aspects: 7 planets are in happy Sagittarius including the Moon which is completing its cycle before entering the new month of Capricorn, the chart’s rising is in sensitive Cancer, and get this – the whole chart is divided into 2 equal forces of water and fire! Earth and air are nonexistent!

Planet Neptune makes headlines this week due to its powerful location, exactly at the MC, or mid-heaven, of this week’s chart, along with Chiron. My God, we are diving in deep waters here! So let’s talk about planet Neptune, since it holds much power and insight right now. The planet entered the sign of Pisces in 2011 and will be in there until 2024. Neptune is considered “in its home” sign in Pisces. As it happens, both Neptune and Pisces are connected to the subconscious mind and the realm of the invisible.

2024 is more than enough time for mankind to reach some kind of spiritual awakening!

Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled in kabbalistic astrology by planet Jupiter, the star of this month. What does it all add up to?

This week we are gaining a much stronger connection to our higher purpose in life. The universe is pushing us right now to look at the deepest meaning of our lives, to understand and decipher what is the reason behind many of our behaviors. In short, we are being psychoanalyzed by the cosmos!

You might ask: What’s so good about that? Well the cosmos is guiding us towards meditation, intuitive imagery, and similar methods to access other dimensions. For the ones lighting the candles of Chanukah, and everyone else, allow yourselves to enter another state of mind, simply by looking at the candle’s flame. Taking time to stop and meditate is a great step towards downloading the miraculous energy that this week has to offer us.

As for the duality of this week’s chart, the kabbalist’s answer would undoubtedly be that all of human kind was created with two Lights, two distinct energies. The first Light is the one we reveal every day; it's the way we are right now in our lives, what we have understood, accomplished and integrated. That light is called the "inner Light” of an individual. The second Light is the one we are really interested in this week: its name is "surrounding Light," literally the light that wraps us up. This is the light that embodies our future potential self. It is the version of us we are truly meant to be, the pure embodiment of our soul.

Since the energy of this entire week is all about revealing Light, we need to make every effort to push all the cosmic buttons. (Uranus, the cosmic storm, is helping us there: it is trining the Sun and Venus this week.) It’s time to challenge ourselves with all the strength of the Sagittarian fire. Rise to the best version of yourself this week. Reach out to others, seek out ways to help, to give back, and to care more deeply. Make phone calls, contact people, email, all pushing towards achieving our surrounding Light’s potential.

The cosmos is downloading the amazing energy of miracles this week. There is no question that we need to be the recipients for it. I would even suggest calling a friend and sharing with them a new commitment you’re making to change yourself for the better. Maybe they will let you in on a commitment they are making too! In this way, we can help each other in pursuing those changes.

The blessing of this week is a new pair of spiritually illuminated glasses to see our best possible future!

Let’s hurry and tap into all the miracles.

Happy holiday of Light!