Astrology Forecast for December 18-24, 2016
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Astrology Forecast for December 18-24, 2016

Yael Yardeni
December 18, 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you have all implemented the golden rules of confrontation per last week's cosmic message! As the month of Sagittarius – the month of miracles – unfolds, many unbelievable insights will be delivered by the cosmos right to our doors. This week is no exception!

As we gaze into the constellations, once again we notice the number of planets placed in mutable signs. In kabbalistic astrology mutable signs are considered to move intellectually and even physically, very fast. Right now, the cosmos is a bit fidgety, with strong Sagittarius and Pisces energies. Four planets and aspects are still in Pisces in the ninth house, the learning house of Sagittarius.

The sun is slowly detaching from Saturn. Thank God! The heaviness of previous weeks will be slowly lifted. At the start of the week, the moon is placed in Leo. Due to many celestial bodies in water, it all feels a bit like a wave!

Our first very important message this week is about spiritual adaptability. Now, what does THAT mean?

Adaptability is the quality of immediately moving forward, not being swayed or becoming stuck by obstacles and difficulties, to continue our journey, no matter what. Adaptability is a quality we often lack for all kinds of reasons: because we are trying to make a point, because we don’t really want to change, or simply because we find ourselves, more often than not, blocked on certain things that have happened in the past, and that we still cannot make sense of. As kabbalists teach, we simply need to tell ourselves, "Okay, I’m just going to say, NEXT!"

This week, the cosmos is giving us a great gift – an opportunity to go past our heavy feelings, old grudges, or simply the status quo in our lives (as Venus is in revolutionary Aquarius)!

Here are simple tips to connect with this energy:

  • Remember: there is always a contingency plan; it’s not OUR way or the highway!
  • Always know the cosmos’ job is to push us FORWARD, not backward!
  • We can use the word NEXT as our new mantra!

Spirituality is about flexibility, and the absence of it just makes us age. The kabbalistic secret of staying youthful is to be in forward motion. And this feeling of motion is really great! Think about it, when are we at our happiest? When we create, when we have a vision, and when we are in action. In short, we are happiest when we are in line with the cosmos. I always remember our teachers Rav and Karen Berg, constantly learning more, implementing new actions, and renewing themselves.

This week, it's all about realizing how often we choose the path of least resistance, or try to just maintain things in our lives (the chart’s rising is in conservative Cancer). How many of us say, “I am OK. Who needs change?”

So, the mission for this week is:

  1. Get yourself to flow. Dare to do the things you really don't want to do right now.
  2. Think about renewal and rebirth.
  3. When you get stuck, your mantra is: NEXT!

We will need a different pair of glasses, but it’s all worth it!

Have a fantastic week!