Astrology Forecast for February 19-25, 2017
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Astrology Forecast for February 19-25, 2017

Yael Yardeni
February 19, 2017

Hi everyone! We are entering the fourth week of the month of Aquarius, and this cosmic time will be quite eventful! As it happens, at the start of the week the moon is in intense Scorpio, the chart’s rising is in Virgo. Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars are all engaged in a difficult T-square. So much for last week’s peace and tranquility!

On February 26th we will witness a solar eclipse, as well.

It is not a total solar eclipse. The moon moves into a position between the earth and the sun, effectively blocking our view of the sun. The earth is cast in shadow, even though from our perspective, it looks as though the sun goes dark. The solar eclipse will be visible from most of Africa and the South American continent.

Kabbalistically, solar eclipses represent an eclipse of the ego. The sun is symbolic of the way we project ourselves onto the world, the way we shine our Light, and the way we view ourselves. However, due to our tikkune, or our soul’s correction, our view is very much distorted. The moon is eclipsing the sun; the moon represents the vessel, the side of us that needs the other in order to shine.

This week, we are reminded that we need others in order to improve ourselves, that others are engraved in us, like the moon is now engraved in the sun. Let’s take advantage of this energy, open up more fully, and of course, be more receptive to external advice.

Now about the difficult T-square…

The T-square—Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars—is actually a political headache! Jupiter is about leadership, Pluto is power, and Mars in Aries is aggressive and impulsive. All around the world, we are likely to witness serious issues with different leaders. Our consciousness should be about injecting peace and common sense into the picture! As it happens, Jupiter is also related to justice, since its name in Hebrew is tsedek, meaning fairness.

Ego, justice, and fairness seem to be the topic of this week! What is our take?

Oftentimes, unexpected events (Uranus and Mars conjunct in Aries!) occur in our lives that feel very unjust to us. We feel personally hurt by them, and it’s easy to slide down into thinking, “Why on earth is this happening to me? I am such a nice person. I am trying my best. Why am I being set up?”

For a moment, it doesn’t seem logical to be trying so hard without being acknowledged. What’s going on? Is the universe so heartless? But we know from a kabbalistic viewpoint, nothing happens randomly. There is a bigger picture, and in fact, the difficult situations, the unfairness, or the rejection we encounter in our lives are related to a very important lesson we need to understand.

The cosmos works with the law of cause and effect. It is possible that we created some chaos through our words or actions a long time ago. The cosmos is a very predictable merry-go-round; the past will come back at us somehow for the very purpose of improving ourselves. This week, let’s get ready to be challenged about that, too.

We are now given a chance to eclipse our ego and make it better!

Let’s just start by acknowledging that this isn’t some mistake or coincidence. Immediately ask the Light, the universe, for a deeper understanding of the “movie” we are going through! This week we should also be meditating on the 72 Name for “Revealing the Concealed.”

72 Name #42

Hopefully, next week we will be wiser as we will get ready to enter the next lunar month of Pisces!

Have a great week everyone!