Astrology Forecast for July 16 - 22, 2017
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Astrology Forecast for July 16 - 22, 2017

Yael Yardeni
July 16, 2017

Hi everyone! Let’s start with the good news before we handle the heavy-duty stuff!

This week’s chart is very feisty, to say the least! Six planets are in fire already. The moon is in jumpy Aries, coming closer to Uranus. Mercury is already in proud Leo. The chart’s rising is Aquarius with the South Node very close to it. And finally, the sun and Mars are more closely conjunct than ever.

This gives us a great dose of fire, dynamism, and an optimistic outlook on life. The chart definitely feels more alive than before—way less drippy! So, things are happening, things are moving in our lives, but not necessarily in the direction we wanted! The energy of Aquarius will give us a strong element of surprise; it’s fair to say, expect the unexpected!

So far, so good. Surprises are always on the positive side!

Now, let’s examine the potential challenges…

On July 11th we entered a rather complicated cosmic zone, which has the potential for great Light, but often feels a bit radioactive. This period will extend for three weeks in total, and will end on August 2nd. Technically, the hardest part of this time zone is the last of the three weeks. Kabbalists always recommend caution, and to tame our temper during this particular time. Avoid starting anything new—everything will seem the opposite of what it really is!

Here a simple survival kit for these three weeks:

First, beware of the seas and oceans. During this time, there are high tides and it’s the season when jellyfish or marine life could prove challenging, even dangerous. This ALWAYS falls during these three weeks. It is as if the seas are discouraging us from entering them! Needless to say, pulling stunts (sky diving, getting a new Harley Davidson, etc.) is not a great idea right now!

Second, until August 2nd we should avoid big commitments or contracts, and keep a low profile as much as possible. Be more humble, so to speak.

Third, people feel the edginess of this time period and tend to become very reactive. Many more reports of road rage, for example, occur during this time. The only way we can counter this is by acting exactly in the opposite way. That’s the most important homework assignment for this week: smile, be hospitable, and use the energy of warm and cozy Cancer still present in the cosmos to even up the current egotistical energy.

These three weeks always start two days after the full moon of Cancer and last until the tenth day of the lunar month of Leo. We already know, based on the Book of Formation (or the Sefer Yetzirah—the first book of Kabbalah ever written some 4,000 years ago), that these two signs are very extreme in behavior. They are very sharing and loving, but when crossed, they behave in a completely egocentric way.

For the Cancer sign, as soon as the moon descends in its own sign, an unbalance is created and emotions run wild; pessimism, anxiety, and fears all come floating around us. As for Leo, when the new lunar month starts, the irradiation of the sun’s energy can be too much to bear, and may feel like everything is burning—emotions, relationships, etc.

The key to cancelling these side effects is keeping our behavior constantly in check: no big moves, big drama, or big anything! We need to keep our hearts and our doors wide open. Avoid hasty judgment at all costs! Give your friends the benefit of the doubt. Failing to keep our consciousness afloat will create some knots in our karma. No thanks!

Whatever happens, let’s cooperate and manoeuver toward more unity. We have to get deeper into our hearts to eradicate separation and space. Of course, reactive behavior is erased from our dictionary until further notice. (Hopefully, forever!)

To be continued!

Much love and Light for this week,