Astrology Forecast for March 19-25, 2017

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Astrology Forecast for March 19-25, 2017

Yael Yardeni
March 19, 2017

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is in great spirits after last week’s amazing energy!

This week, we are entering the fiery zone a bit more! At the beginning of the week the moon is in not-so-tactful Sagittarius, and four planets are in Aries, with Venus in retrograde motion in Aries. Thank God, we still benefit very much from jovian positivity with Jupiter in the first house. Mercury is in feisty Aries, and slowly the planets are leaving watery Pisces for impatient Aries!

Wow, how do we use all of these energies?

First of all, as our teacher Karen Berg often reminds us, we are all preoccupied with what goes into our mouths, when we should really care more about what comes out of it! With Mercury in Aries, a moon in Sagittarius, and an enthusiastic and strong (but not so tactful) Jupiter, it’s time to restrict our words.

With the presence of so much fire in the cosmos, all of us are a little more impulsive, and perhaps even more reactive than usual. Patience and calm are on the menu this week! In fact, the best attitude would be to take everything with copious amounts of humour; serious and heavy conversations should be postponed for later. They might just complicate everything!

Since the rising of the chart is in Libra, the cosmic message is about increased peace, harmony, and contentment. So far, so good, it seems! However, as usual, there is a little catch… Uranus in Aries in the seventh house is bringing trouble in paradise. Beware of hasty decisions in love, partnerships, and more! Our first mission for the week is to maintain tact and more tact. Let’s hold our horses!

The second lesson concerns learning. With Jupiter in such a powerful position, strong Sagittarius energy, and four planets still in Pisces, the focus is definitely education! Kabbalists have always focused very strongly on teaching people in multiple ways: through open classes, books, small groups of study, etc. Many of us in the 21st century understand the value of education. But, the real message here is—contrary to what we believe—we can never know enough!

Many of us feel like saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read that,” or “Sure, I knew that!" These sentences are often said without a second thought! What the kabbalists actually teach (with a lot of humor) is that most of us know enough to be dangerous! We should all adopt the philosophy, "All I know is that I really know nothing!"

With the presence of Pisces energy still strong, we also need to remind ourselves that ignorance is no excuse. This week, we get to balance what we know and what we still have no idea about. This is THE week to go take a course, inquire about deepening our studies, and perhaps invest in continuing our education, and of course, attempt to be a lot more proactive about our spiritual studies.

Interestingly, this energy appears in the most intellectual of all the water months, which is Pisces. In kabbalistic astrology, Pisces is considered the air of the water, and those who belong to this sign are naturally born spiritually or philosophically inclined.

This week, very simply, let us open ourselves up to learning with a greater enthusiasm and ask a thousand questions, if needed. This is an unbelievable time to rekindle our studies, spiritual or otherwise. Why not go back to school if it feels right? Every one of us can gain a higher consciousness with just a little effort.

Let’s remember to learn more about love, as well, since Uranus is making us all itchy and fidgety about it.