Astrology Forecast for November 16-22, 2014

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Astrology Forecast for November 16-22, 2014

Yael Yardeni
November 16, 2014
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Hi Everyone! Another really important week for amazing spiritual growth starts with many gifts (and challenges…).

This week’s chart opens up with the moon positioned in analytical Virgo and a gazillion bodies in Scorpio (the sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury!). All are located in the 6th house of the world chart, the house of work and service to others. At the same time, we have a very strong Leonine energy due to the position of Jupiter, the element of fortune, and the black moon, which are both in Leo. Thank God, the cosmos throws us a little “bone!” The chart opens up with Gemini rising–a little bit of fresh air between the boiling waters and the grandiose fire!

The first challenge we are faced with this week is quite clear: Leo and Scorpio energies are not exactly aligned. It’s like we are caught between the hammer and the nail! And Uranus is still pushing all our buttons by being ill-aspected to half of the chart… Ouch!

Inevitably, when we talk about the presence of Leo energy we have to bring up issues of pride. God forbid a Leo would consider himself "normal," as opposed to Superman, the giver and savior of humankind! As it happens, Leos are always shocked to discover that they (and others) are simply human.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and in Kabbalah it symbolizes the giver, the ultimate sharer, and life giver of the zodiac. We will notice a Leo passing us three miles away! The energy of Scorpio, on the contrary, is all about discretion, secrets, and keeping feelings or actions hidden in some way.

This week we experience the shock of the two titans, the confrontation of two massive but equal energies. Those of us who were planning a peaceful getaway better get ready for this! The Scorpio-Leo energy is going to bring everything out! Very few secrets can be hidden with sooo much Scorpio-Leo energy in the universe.

Pride, for example, is not the easiest thing to spot in our own character. We sometimes think, “Well, this guy seems arrogant, he's got a big ego, look how he speaks…” But sometimes pride takes off the mask of false humility, victim dot com, or even shyness. This is a real Pandora’s box!

This week, a lot of secrets, even intimate ones, are likely to emerge. We will probably catch ourselves fighting criticism or defending our ego for just a little longer–sometimes even trying to disguise the truth. The klipot (shells or masks in kabbalistic terminology) are exactly like the vampires of legends: when exposed to the sunlight they simply die! All the hidden and not-so-great thoughts (Scorpio realm) are now exposed by the sun of Leo in great detail (moon in Virgo). How many times have we spoiled a relationship or a friendship because of our pride, because we refused to admit our errors?

So, now for our weekly plan of attack!

First, let’s take a deep breath, as if we were going to scuba dive. Then we just need to FLOW. Whatever comes out, even if it puts our egos to shame, is all for the good. Why would we keep rotten merchandise in our closets? Let’s simply clean them up!

Conversely, do we really need to let people know how good and sharing we are or how much we know? Actually, quite the opposite! Kabbalists teach that publicizing our good actions actually diminishes our merits. This is a great week to plan plenty of secret positive actions! The powerful Scorpio and Leo energies will clarify things for us tremendously, and therefore shorten up the pain of revealing the concealed.

The second blessing of this week is the chart’s rising in Gemini. Gemini will lighten up our processes, pushing us to just call a friend and say, "Oh my God, I have discovered something about myself. Let’s meet, I need your help."

This is the homework of this week. Just allow things to surface and then share it with others. This will get us in a much better place. Then happiness will appear in our hearts and the heavy klipot will be dismissed, which was the plan all along!

It’s highly recommended to meditate on the 72 Name of "Revealing the Concealed" this entire week, so we can feel the Light all along.

72 Name #42

Don’t worry, we will soon enter jovial Sagittarius… just hang on!

Have a great week everyone!