Astrology Forecast for November 26 - December 2, 2017
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Astrology Forecast for November 26 - December 2, 2017

Yael Yardeni
November 26, 2017

Hi everyone! I hope we are all taking advantage of the adventurous Sagittarius zone, as many opportunities are opening to us this month. I’m excited to say this week is a great stepping stone in our spiritual work. Let's find out what's happening in the cosmos this week.

First of all, we find 5 air planets in the chart, and what a relief! Many of them are in free spirited Aquarius, including the Moon. We already feel the breeze better, after the hot sauna that was Scorpio.

3 other features are remarkable this week:

First, we have a perfect Star of David in the chart, 2 perfectly aligned grand trines. Second, the energy of fire is lifting us up, and third there is no Earth! The charts dominance is mutable and fixed planets: there are 7 of them! This is the universe’s way of showing us that it’s time to move forward happily into something still unknown. The Moon, the MC, and South Node are all in Aquarius, and we benefit from the beautiful protection and balance of the Star of David. And, of course, no Earth to hold us back. In addition, the rising of the chart is in light Gemini. The message is clear: This week is not the time for complacency. Be willing to take more risks!

So what is the catch? Mercury and Saturn are now conjunct. As we know, Saturn has an unfortunate tendency to give Mercury, the communicator, a very heavy tongue! Mars is also in peace-looking Libra and we are in tactless Sagittarius. So without a question, the topic which requires attention right now, is: Confrontation.

Truth be told, proactive confrontation is the hardest to master. It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of understanding. Some of us confront people or situations head first. Others are like whales, they disappear from the surface but we can hear the noise! Some choose to be passive aggressive, hoping things will go away by themselves! And of course, some of us just go straight into victim mode saying, “Why? How come? What did I do to deserve this?”

Conclusion: 95% of us agonize over verbal confrontation, one way or another! No matter what group we belong to, there are ways to improve. Here are some spicy tips, straight from the brains of the kabbalists, to help us get better for this week, and really forever!

First, we need to review in our minds all the possible “movies,” which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Kabbalah teaches that there are many parallel universes. It’s our task to think forward about the different possible plans of attack. Often times, we will choose the movie we know, even if it’s a vampire movie. Why? Because we have coped with the same situation already, so it still feels safe! Unfortunately, the downfall of selecting the same movie, is that we are walking straight into “groundhog day” - it’s like copying and pasting.

Clearly, at first, choosing another movie will induce a lot of stress, sweaty palms, internal heat waves, or coldness and for sure a profound discomfort. However, as kabbalists have taught us, stepping out of our comfort zone is our change for true spiritual growth. We all know that failing to confront in the right way AND at the right time will only prove to lead us into chaos.

This week is an incredible opportunity to completely transform our confrontational skills. The cosmos is supporting all our efforts towards openness and forward movement.

The power of the kabbalists is lightness, simplicity, and flow. A kabbalist by the name of R. Israel of Rizhin said once: ”Every time we breathe out, and breathe in, our soul is created anew.”

It’s a beautiful thought for this period of time. Every second we renew our soul and our movie can shift for the better, as long as we are brave enough to move forward.

For further assistance this week, meditate on the 72 Name: Speaking the Right Words.

72 Name #40

Have a wonderful week!