Astrology Forecast for November 5 - 11, 2017
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Astrology Forecast for November 5 - 11, 2017

Yael Yardeni
November 5, 2017

Hi everyone! The week starts with a beautiful Full Moon (in Taurus), and we will then enter the Moon’s second phase, the "waning" one. Let's get ready for the darker side of the Moon!

4 planets are already in Scorpio, Uranus is acting up again, in opposition this time to peaceful Venus in Libra, and that in itself is a really intense feature!

It seems this week that the Cosmos are sending us mixed messages: On the one hand, many planets are still in reactive and emotional water, on the other hand, the universe is trying to calm itself down, with a rising and a Moon in Taurus, and Venus and Mars both in Libra!

What’s going on up there? It seems like we would like to be emotional, but the cosmos is trying to prevent it with the simple common sense and love for tranquility of Taurus!

In addition, the chart’s predominant houses are the 6th (service, work, and health) and the 12th

(subconscious mind, & everything we cannot see).

The universe is asking from us to take a step back, and to reflect on many situations – both at work and with friend – in order to not fall into deep Scorpio judgement. This week, it seems we see everything that is wrong, and that’s like jumping into a frying pan! It makes bad karma for us.

Venus is 150 degrees to illusionary Neptune. Neptune represents dream states, illusions, sometimes even with a mystical note attached! Giving love (Venus) feels suddenly irrelevant, however Uranus in opposition shakes us up, and pushes us to challenge ourselves in all relationships. Many unexpected events can happen in that domain, and we need to be prepared to get our belief systems a bit rocked.

Beware of new relationships right now: There is a danger with this aspect, to meet difficult, or even elusive types of people. It’s a very bad idea to fall in love with a very tormented artist at the moment!

For the ones single, very “karmic” attractions are likely to happen, so everybody, let’s exercise caution about relationships and love.

No worries, the universe is trying to give us a better understanding of relationships in general, and the way we handle them. The Taurus rising and Moon, and the Libra features are here to help us neutralize Scorpio behaviors such as possessiveness and jealousy especially in the second half of the lunar month.

A dangerous cosmic zone will appear on November 6th, the 17th day of the lunar Scorpio. Kabbalists explain that the great flood started that day. So caution is to be applied in that particular time: no big decisions, or final ones, to be made, and we should keep a low profile, sending much spiritual Light for the world. We should also meditate on the 72 Name for Eradicating Plagues this whole week.

72 Name #21

Another opportunity this week, is Pluto trining the Moon! We need to reflect on a very important point: What actions do we want to perpetrate, that will be remembered long after we are gone? How can we realize ourselves better, what can we transform in our lives?

The position of Pluto in the 9th house is raising metaphysical questions for all of us, but it also takes us away from our routine and robotic consciousness. So let’s get ready for a change of direction in life, maybe to go back and pursue our studies, the best version of ourselves has its seed right now. Let’s make time for meditation and for contemplation. Since the Moon is in Taurus, we can walk in nature, connect with mother Earth. So many deep processes are occurring within us!

Have an amazing (but cautious!) week.

Much Love,