Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2019

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2019

Yael Yardeni
December 1, 2019

We have now entered the lunar zone of Sagittarius. What a relief! Time to welcome the more relaxed attitude of happy Sagittarius. To understand this new lunar month, all we have to do is reverse what was said about Scorpio. Let’s examine some fun facts about the star of this month—fiery Sagittarius.

Happy go lucky, ready for anything, and adventurers in many ways, Sagittarians are renowned for their spontaneity, their caustic sense of humor, and oftentimes for their terrible lack of tact and responsibility. (Sagittarians are the typical “” guy, with no desire whatsoever to control anything in their lives!) They want to bite into life! Though, they may not be the most mature people we ever encounter.

Sagittarians possess great teaching skills because their intellect is dominant—they are the air of the fire, the most intellectual of all fire signs. Because of the air component, many Sagittarians have huge issues with commitment in their lives. This is particularly true in regards to romantic relationships. Needless to say, Sagittarians already know everything you are about to tell them; that’s why they don’t make such great listeners, and are much more at ease in intellectual spheres than emotional ones.

Excited by new concepts and learning opportunities, they usually own complete bookcases of self-improvement books. We call them the “spiritual surfers” of the zodiac. Unfortunately, they often lack the patience to pursue studies to the end, and end up roaming the surface of all kind of topics.

Their honesty tends to fluctuate; not every Sagittarian is as honest as we might hope. Some are great gamblers, or very clever thieves and swindlers! Some colorful characters belong to this sign, including Joseph Stalin. Ouch!

Many Sagittarians are fearless adventurers and great sportsmen. They can be easily recognized by the way they walk: always with a destination, always in a hurry!

Gifted with laughing and childlike eyes, it’s often difficult to resist them. They are, in fact, driven by the challenges of life. They feed on impossible missions and can be real adrenaline junkies. The concept of balance and the central column sounds super boring to them.

Ruled by gigantic Jupiter, there is no measure nor balance. The “planet of growth” will always push them to do everything in excess, like drinking, eating, dating, working, having fun, and gambling. The same planet also makes them incredibly blessed. (Lucky anyone?) They could get away with murder!

Their physical weaknesses live in the thighs, tendons, and leg muscles, which they often pull, as well as the liver. They can be very angry people when they don’t get their way.

Better consultants or freelancers than employees, they often choose careers as intellectuals or journalists fighting for great causes. Many photographers were born under this sign because of their very sharp eye for objects and people, and their great love of travel.

The star of this month is Jupiter, of course. It will be entering the sign of Capricorn on December 3rd and will remain in that sign until December 18th of 2020. As it happens, the Aramaic name for Jupiter, this month’s ruler, is tzedek, or justice. In Capricorn, Jupiter will bring to humankind more faith and the sense that the world has an order, contrary to what we might see. It’s a great time for all of us to put order into our spiritual beliefs, our homes, and our families.

This week, let’s meditate on the 72 Name: Order From Chaos, so we tune ourselves up with the universal energy.

Have a great and fruitful week!