Astrology Forecast for January 17-23, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for January 17-23, 2021

Rachel Itic
January 17, 2021
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This week we continue with the energy of the New Moon that began on January 13th and ends on January 20th and guides us into the phase of the first quarter, or the second stage of the lunar cycle that will end on the 28th.

The opportunities offered by the New Moon plant seeds for new beginnings. At this time, the land is fertile, and this phase benefits and encourages early stages of growth and is conducive to eliminating bad habits. It's like having a blank piece of paper with the option to redefine our history for this month. Rav Berg teaches us that control over anything is in the seed, in our consciousness, and this week we still have a few days of this energy.

In Kabbalah, new moons mark the start of the monthly cycle, and this time, we are talking about an extraordinary month. I use this word because, in truth, the month of Shevat (known in the Gregorian calendar as the sign of Aquarius) is out of the ordinary. As we mentioned before, on the 20th, the moon will reach its first-quarter stage, which is one of growth for everything that we sow during the New Moon period. This phase infuses the atmosphere with the willpower and courage necessary to help us make decisions and also gives us the vision to overcome any obstacles. This is still a beginning period, where creation is essential to bring things to their manifestation and fulfillment.

Also, on the 20th, the sun will enter Aquarius and unite its energy with that of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury; Aquarian energy is going to have a lot of weight. This month will introduce innovation, independence, concern for the welfare of others, and above all, for the social environment. We may feel a great desire to be unique. This energy is appropriate for releasing ties, integrating changes, breaking routines, and letting go of the past. Aquarians are modern and avant-garde futurists. This can be especially difficult for earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, who must flow with changes and open to the future. On the other hand, Aquarians are a social, friendly, and intellectual sign, concerned with the common good, but detached on a personal and emotional level, which is a learning process for water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, who are mainly moved by emotions. An Aquarian's fight for equality will also make fire signs, like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, who always seek prominence, quite uncomfortable. Air signs will benefit during this period. We must be careful with rebellion and anarchy, as well as erratic and unconventional behavior—energies that will influence us, regardless of our sign.

This month, look for a cause in which you can make a significant humanitarian change in the world, where you can use your time and resources to support a common good, and bring equality and unity. The energy is latent and invites us to be part of it. Aquarius is an altruistic sign, a social sign that seeks the utopia of a better world, one that liberates and creates changes.

An important aspect to consider is the tense energy to be released by the conjunction of Uranus and Mars. Uranus is the planet of change and surprise, while Mars is the planet of impulsiveness and aggressiveness. This conjunction brings with it surprising events, incidents, and a vibration that explodes everywhere in unexpected ways, making plans almost impossible since anything can happen inadvertently. This is a force that will drive us to seek freedom and rebel while refusing to accept limitations imposed by others. These circumstances can bring conflict with authorities or with anyone who wants to keep us on the sidelines. With this conjunction, we tend to act in hasty and impulsive ways, and this can lead to accidents. Patience and caution are attitudes we need to adopt during this period. What is clear is that there is a lot of energy, which, when handled constructively, can bring us great benefits, such as starting a new project in a spontaneous and innovative way and showing parts of our individuality with which we identify.

With reference to the celestial bodies that are in Aquarius at this moment (the sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury) or from the Uranus-Mars conjunction, or due to the first-quarter position of the moon, the keywords for this week are: liberation, innovation, revolution, growth, creativity, and strength—words aligned with the portion of the week, Bo, where we study the last three plagues in Egypt and the final liberation of the people of Israel, which is all totally related to the energy of this cycle.

And finally, how will our emotions fluctuate throughout the week? During the first few days, we will have an energy that will connect us with our imagination and intuition; meditation and reflection are recommended. By the middle of the week, we will feel a lot of vitality. These days support new beginnings, especially when combined with the new moon period. But we must be careful with impulsivity and aggression. It is advisable to do exercises and activities that help us release energy. By the weekend, there will be a tendency to feel obstinate. Let us bear in mind that the decisions made from this influence are difficult to change—it is better to be careful and practical.

This is the energy given to us by this week. Take the best of it and always remember what our teacher Rav Berg taught, we can live above planetary energy.

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