Astrology Forecast for July 4-10, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for July 4-10, 2021

Rachel Itic
July 4, 2021
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This week we are at the end of the lunar cycle; the month of Tammuzor Cancer leaves, and the month of Av, Leo, arrives. This change will be imminent, as the energies of these signs are opposites. While Cancer is ruled by the moon, which represents the feminine principle, Leo is represented by the sun, which represents the masculine principle. So, we will go from the emotional, sensitive, and loving energy of the crab to the imposing leonine energy.

When a lunar cycle ends, it is advisable to make closures, especially in the areas of our lives where we have not taken the final step. As an exercise, review which cycles in your life have already come to an end and make the conclusion final. You can also identify things that no longer serve you and discard them. Taking these actions during this lunar phase is of great benefit, as it is an excellent way to help you prepare the ground for planting new seeds and making room for new beginnings.

Rosh Chodesh Av(Leo) falls on July 9th, making way for one of the most controversial months in Kabbalah. Normally the first 15 days of a month, which include the New Moon and first-quarter phases, are positive moments of beginnings. They are considered beneficial and hold a motivating energy. However, the first nine days of the month of Av have a negative energy. In fact, the ninth day of Av is considered the most negative day of the year, one of chaos. After this day, the energy is sweetened, taking us to one of the highest moments of the year: Tu b’Av, the full moon. The sun is in its best position at this time—it rises and shines like in no other sign. And the moon, from its position in Aquarius, prepares to obtain all the Light of the king of the sky. This day is considered the perfect opposition to the previous energy, a moment of connection, union, and balance. These two contrary principles complement each other, giving us a cosmic opportunity known as the kabbalistic day of love, which happens on the 15th of Av.

Leo is an awesome month—in the same period of time when we find the most negative day of the year, we also experience one of the days with the most potential to reveal Light. It is a month full of challenges and gifts, being the only sign ruled by our great luminary, the sun. Understanding the characteristics of this celestial body will help us to understand more about the energy available in this month. Some of the key, sun-related words are: being, life, vitality, authority, autonomy, and omnipotence. The sun illuminates our path in life, gives us direction, self-esteem, and purpose. It connects us with our individuality and our creativity and helps us to seek honor and dignity. It also represents the ego. In fact, it is so important that in Gregorian astrology, the location of the sun in our chart defines our zodiac sign and determines a large part of our traits and personality.

The natives of this sign are people who shine and sparkle with their brilliance, demanding the attention of the rest with their exuberant character, bearing, and strength. One of their challenges is to stand out without being too dazzling or imposing. They have the quality of being great leaders, but they have to work on their pride and authoritarianism. Leos are one of the most creative, intuitive, and generous signs of the zodiac. However, they do not like to receive help and will remain relentless. Leos command respect, but with love and sweet words, the lion turns into a sweet kitten, ready to cooperate. Leo is one of the most passionate and dramatic signs. They love fun and being treated in a special way. Their work lies in striving to be selfless, less arrogant, and go unnoticed. During this month, we will all be tested in this way since we are all under this astral influence.

The opponent manifests in our egoistic traits, and, as we will see, this month can be full of this type of behavior, as marked by the first days of the month. Now that you are aware of this energy, you can stand above it, identify it, and change it. Finally, it is a month where we are put in contact with our creative capacity, our intuition, and our potential for greatness. Make the most of this energy.

The complementary opposite of Leo is Aquarius, which reminds us of freedom, equality, and brotherhood and is precisely part of the lesson that the lion comes to learn, along with the understanding that we must free ourselves from the need to be the center of attention, luxuries, and special treatment. Start seeking equality. At the end of the day, we are all the same, and what we have was given to us by the Creator to share, not to boast; humility and equality can be the flag that takes this month into balance.

During this week, the moon will go through the sign of Taurus, which suggests stability and balance. It is advisable to work on finances. During this period (Tuesday, the 6th through Thursday, the 8th), the moon will pass through Gemini, which favors communication, mental dexterity, and sales. On Friday, the 9th, and Saturday, the 10th, the moon will be in Cancer, which benefits family and home activities. On Sunday, the 11th, the moon will be in Leo, which gives us passion, romance, and creativity.

We must not lose sight of the fact that although the moon will start its cycle in Leo, the sun will remain in Cancer until July 22nd. This Cancerian energy of sentimentality and sensitivity will still be available, and we may want to spend more time with family and at home, in addition to being more apprehensive and fickle. If we create a balance between the still present energy of Cancer and the energy of Leo that enters with the New Moon, we can unite our strength, leadership, and authority in a loving, delicate, and sensitive way. These energies can coexist and bring out the best in us.

This week the portions of the Zohar of Matot-Masei are read. We learn from Matot that the Israelites went to war against the Midian kingdom, and Balak died at the hands of Pinchas. This week, go to war against your ego on Rosh Chodesh Leo and overcome your selfish nature.

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