Choosing the Path of Love

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Choosing the Path of Love

Karen Berg
June 24, 2018
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Meditation is the practice of focusing our consciousness and becoming more aware. Instead of a wavering mind which is like a candle that flickers in the wind, we learn in meditation to be still, to direct and guide our energy. Interestingly, when the candle flame does not flicker, it is able to shine brighter. Meditation is a gift from the sages to assist us on our spiritual path. The sages knew that life had a way of distracting us from discovering our inner world and the powers that reside there. Meditation offers us the quiet to hear our inner voice and, ultimately, connect to the spark of divinity that lies in us all. We all possess a treasure within, however, the outside world can create enough of a distraction for many of us to ignore it, and even be unaware of its existence altogether. For me, spirituality has always been about the revelation of our own Divinity. Spirituality itself is the recognition that all of us on this good earth share a spark of the Divine in our hearts. As Anne Frank said, “I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.” This week, we are asked by the Universe to focus our attention on what is good and to turn away from negativity. We are called to see the good, to act with goodness, and most importantly to let go of any noise that distracts us from revealing the Divinity inherent within. Like the beauty of the lotus flower that blooms out of the mud, this week our highest chakras are opened as we rise from the negativity that often tries to impede our growth.

"We are called to see the good."

Our roadmap to the energy in the cosmos this week is the story of Balak. A new character emerges. Balak, the king of another nation, heard of the recent victories and miracles of the Israelites and he knew they were blessed people. Feeling that he could be defeated by them, he began a plan to eliminate the Israelites. Balak represents the part within ourselves that hates the things we do not understand or fear. More often than not, instead of learning how to join the game of life, we reject it. Balak decided to procure the power of a negative prophet and an evil magician named Bilaam to assist him. Even though Bilaam was negative, he still had an inner voice and consciousness from Divinity. He did not agree to join forces with Balak at first, but eventually acquiesced to assist him. The two conspired to annihilate the Israelites, but their plan did not work. For the Creator’s protection was with the Israelites. Every time Bilaam sought to curse them with his magic, the curse turned into a blessing instead. Bilaam was hateful and evil, but inside there lived the Light of the Creator that he could not ignore. Bilaam struggled to reveal this Light, for he had allowed mud and hatred to dominate him. After three attempts to curse the Israelites, all of which failed, Bilaam went through a spiritual transformation and eventually blessed them. Balak was furious and broke all ties with him. Bilaam battled and succeeded to reveal his force of love, in spite of his hatred and evil. At the end, with the help of the Creator, he was able to awaken the Light within to create blessings, rather than curses. It is a truly beautiful and powerful story. A message for us all.

As always, the Torah is our mirror. It is our history, and our future. We read about ourselves. This week, we can develop a practice of excavating the diamonds buried in our hearts. Bilaam and Balak are each of us, but so too, is the Creator, thankfully. The lotus flower blooms in spite of its murky waters. We do have feelings of fear, jealousy, and hatred, but we can see that these qualities do not serve us. We must let them go if we wish to experience the joy and blessings the Universe wishes to bestow on us. Hatred is poison that we take ourselves, expecting the other person to die. It is only in our own best interest to be willing to let go of negativity, even if we feel justified in holding on to it. If we are open to focusing our energy on the good that is within, and cease feeding  the negativity that lies on the outside, we will be able to give birth to a higher and new level of consciousness. This gift of Self-Realization is ours this week, and with it comes a multitude of blessings. The world is our mirror. If we output and focus on love, we create a world of love. It is we who benefit from our own acts of kindness, more than even the recipient. There are choices in life, and what path we choose to walk down is only up to us. We all wish to be happy and experience peace and joy. If we can ask the Creator this week to help us choose the path of love, I know we will be given the support and strength to do so. 

"The Light is everywhere."

This week, I encourage you to engage in the ancient tool of meditation. Find a room that is quiet where you feel safe. Light a candle and sit down beside it. Uncross your arms and legs. Take a few slow inhalations and exhalations. Close your eyes and travel within. The candle flame is steady, and it glows brightly. Become more aware of your essence. Inside resides Divinity. Love beats within. A love for the world and for every soul begins to awaken. The differences between our fellow man do not matter as much as how much we are alike.

Choose to focus on all the goodness that exists in the world, and within yourself. Remember that the Light is everywhere. To connect with it, we need only acknowledge it. For there is a profound spiritual truth that pervades the cosmos this week and all weeks: When you see only the good, you will experience only goodness.