Counteracting Chaos in the Month of Cancer

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Counteracting Chaos in the Month of Cancer

Rav Berg
June 25, 2014
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Many legends, tales and folklore abound in which astrology’s teachings are the precursor or antecedent. However one fact remains in evident, the oldest known written document revealing the innermost secrets of celestial influences—good and bad—is the Sefer Yetzirah (Book Of Formation), authored by Abraham the Patriarch circa 1800 B.C.E.

This first known kabbalistic piece of literature provides more than a compendium of astrological knowledge. It sheds light on how we can achieve a greater awareness of our surroundings and enhance our well being. From its profound secrets emerge the ideas that only now in the twentieth century, are revealing simple truths concerning our universe.

Kabbalah, the most dynamic and provocative stimulation to minds that have been asleep for centuries and possibly millenniums, has restored that most important word, why. The vast majority of humankind no longer accepts the dogmatic approach to man’s existence. People refuse to accept attitudes that are based solely on, “That’s the way it has always been.”

The lack of inquiry into established concepts and doctrines has more or less broken down. People demand answers that can be understood and make good logical sense. They do not take for granted the approach of scholars, rabbis, priests, doctors or even scientific data in making decisions that will affect their lives. The inquisitive mind has emerged as a direct result of a continuous build up of chaos, where for the most part, the world community does not see a future without violence, disorder or uncertainty. In other words, Murphy’s Laws have a grasp upon the throat of human civilization.

A teacher is considered a teacher only to the extent that the student has learned something of value. A physician is a capable one only to the extent of the improvement of the patient. A financial advisor is one by which the client has benefited from the advice given. A clergyman can be considered as such only if the spiritual well being of the individual has been enhanced.

Unfortunately, the financial advisor is paid well despite the bad results. A physician receives remuneration even if the patient dies or does not experience any improvement in health. A clergyman continues to serve in that capacity although his congregation may not overcome their spiritual or emotional difficulties.

However, in the physical and material arena, we are accustomed to demanding satisfaction or have the manufacturer guarantee the product. "Guaranteed satisfaction or money refunded" is not an unfamiliar caption on packaged goods. Then why, we may ask, are we prepared and ready to freely, without resistance accept therapy without demanding a minimum degree of satisfaction.

Whether one is seeking psychological or emotional assistance, or even advice on losing weight, we are accustomed to accepting failure in these areas without demanding a refund. Wherein lies the difference? The answer seems to lie in the fact that food, cars, suits or other material needs can quickly be determined as to their ability to satisfy. The delivery of a good cereal does not require a long period of time. We hear of “fast, fast, temporary relief” from headaches, and fast foods that satisfy our hunger and taste buds immediately, though not for long.

However, when it comes to the more internal concealed conditions such as obesity, health and other non-material situations in their origin, we have come to accept their solutions as only a possibility to begin with. In any event, when matters of health concern are involved, the old Chinese principal that a doctor is not paid until the patient is healed is not acceptable in the Western world.

Consequently, when our investigation into Kabbalistic Astrology leads us to the wellspring of the Book of Formation, authored by Abraham the Patriarch, we will find some highly unexpected revelations that will actually and absolutely change our perceptions of what astrology is really all about. Let us therefore begin by addressing the current celestial month to which this article refers.

Tamuz, or Cancer, is the celestial influence that follows the month of Gemini. Traditionally the month of Tamuz has always been considered a month with negative cosmic influences. People have been cautioned not to enter new ventures or make changes during this month. Many calamities have occurred under its influence affecting the entire world.

The walls of Jerusalem around Temple I and Temple II were breached on the 17th day of Tamuz by Nebuchadnezzer (586 B.C.E.) and Titus (70 C.E.) respectively followed three weeks later by the Temples themselves being destroyed. On this day the tablets of Mount Sinai fame were broken by Moses following the Golden Calf incident.

The tragic problem with traditionalism is that events become the focus of its significance without reflecting on the original question: “What brought on the event in the first place?”

Therefore, if Tamuz, or Cancer, is indeed considered as a projection of negative cosmic forces, it behooves us to reflect upon the forces that bring on these negative consequences. It is not that hands that we must examine, but the thought consciousness that undoubtedly preceded the hand movements. Only a fool would punish the finger that mistakenly placed itself in a live electric socket.

Consequently, when Abraham the Patriarch designated the name "Cancer" as the zodiac sign for Tamuz, Abraham was providing a profound and penetrating clue to the mysteries of cancer. After all, one might ask, couldn’t Abraham have been more considerate to those born during the month of Tamuz and not refer to these individuals as Cancerians? The dreaded disease along with its terrifying implications should have been left out entirely and a more appropriate name specified.

The first and foremost message that the Book of Formation provides for mankind is that this month of Tamuz is intimately connected with the dreaded disease cancer. First and foremost, when Abraham designated Tamuz as a month whose celestial influence was cancer, the designation was not one of a nature merely to give the celestial influence a name. After all, couldn’t Abraham have been more compassionate and selected an appealing name for those who were destined to be born within this period? Why such a feared name as ‘Cancer’?

What Abraham revealed, as well as all the information shared by Kabbalah, was for the express purpose of enhancing the well being of mankind. Abraham, as well as all subsequent kabbalists, knew all too well the stronghold Satan and his devastating armada of chaos maintained throughout our universe. Consequently they have always stressed the point that Kabbalah was not a religion or a philosophy.

The kabbalists, when revealing information, had one thought, and one thought only in mind: release and erase the chaotic shackles around the throat of human civilization that has existed ever since the Sin of Adam. In fact, claimed the kabbalists, there is no other alternative.

When and how does this dreaded disease become manifested? Herein lies the problem that has confounded medical researchers ever since their research began. They are well aware of the fact that long before the cancer becomes physically manifested, cancer is present, albeit in a metaphysical or undetected realm. Herein lies the problem of this and other diseases: no way to address their origins in the non-observable state.

The only indication available for diagnosis and treatment is the physically manifested tumor or other physical symptoms. Within this realm, there is no way of ever determining from whence the symptom or tumor came, or for that matter when it all began, which could have originated some twenty or thirty years before. Consequently, whatever prognosis or treatment is recommended, the surgical procedure or other methods of therapy will be confined and limited to the area of the material realm. No other choices! Modern medicine simply is not equipped, nor has the knowledge, to address any other region than the physical.

Although during the past 20 years, medical research has penetrated the area of microscopic DNA, nevertheless, information about any preceding stages has still been met with uncertainty and hopelessness.

It is precisely for this reason, that Kabbalah fully recognizes the failure of modern science in its approach to the removal of all forms of chaos. No problem or disaster commences on the physical realm. Therefore, Satan consciousness rules supreme, and permits only intermittent periods of seeming order in our lives.

What mankind observes as order in our lives is relative. One who fears financial stress may be hit with a health disaster and another who sees good health will ultimately succumb to some other game of chaos that Satan may have rigged up for us. Murphy’s Law unfortunately is alive and well.

Consequently, what Abraham provided mankind with is a time of origin. The seed or origin of cancer begins during the month of Tamuz. This is the time frame with “cancer” pollution. However, for Abraham, this information did nothing if there was no way to address this metaphysical cause and influence. Therefore, to emphasize the preventative measures that were necessary to be taken during this month, Abraham knew that placing the crab within the constellation of Tamuz no doubt had a purposeful meaning. All aspects of Creation are designed to assist and support mankind in achieving the ultimate freedom from chaos.

Reflection upon the Crab provides the necessary answers toward the elimination of this and many other diseases of similar behavior at their seed level. Why the Crab? How and why did this seemingly unimportant crustacean reveal the mysteries surrounding this most horrifying disease of humankind?

The crab does have one rare feature in its mobility. The character of the crab requires it to walk or run sideways. This unusual characteristic reveals for the inquisitive mind the secret and nature of cancer as well as a host of many more diseases. The sideways forward movement of the crab is different from the natural forward movement of all other beings.

When a person walks sideways only one leg moves forward and waits for the second leg to reach the first before taking another step forward. When a person walks forward, after the first leg takes a step forward, the second leg can take a step forward without any interruption.

This observation, as simple as it may sound, is revealing to us the nature of cancer consciousness. What is already known concerning cancer cells is that they contain an extra negative charge (indicating an extra or additional “Desire to Receive consciousness”) as compared with normal cells. In other words, there is an imbalance between the positive and negative consciousness of the cancer cell. This is the root problem of cancer cells.

When one’s Desire to Receive becomes overly active or aggressive, there develops a need to gobble up everything in its path. This is what happens in the cancer cell. And this is the meaning of the Crab. There is an imbalance in its mobility. Sideways does not permit a continuous, uninterrupted movement. A forward movement, which includes the participation of a balance between right and left, produces a harmonious rhythm.

It therefore comes as no surprise when we are told that happy people do not develop cancer. A happy individual is one where the sharing and receiving consciousness are both present. Consequently, during this month of Tamuz, I strongly urge everyone to make a concerted effort to contain and refrain from any incidents of anger or unpleasantness. The origin of those feelings is an aggressive Desire to Receive for the Self Alone.

Hebrew LettersWe must make every effort to increase our sharing activities, especially at moments when we experience an unresolved crisis. This situation can only increase our negative consciousness. If we find our mental outlook threatened by uncertainty, disorder or even chaos, then immediately we meditate upon the two letters of the month for Tamuz, the Chet (ח) and Tav (ת) along with that powerful celestial connection the Ana B’Koach. This is what the Book of Formation is all about.

And if anyone of us has already made manifest the seeds of cancer within the body, the month of Tamuz is the most powerful and awesome celestial channel for cancer cell removal. Bear in mind, our universe is based upon the paradox principle. A snakebite is treated with snake venom. To breathe in one must breathe out.

While this month of Tamuz channels the seed of cancer, at the same time we have the unique opportunity to tap its remedial or preventative powers to counteract this dreaded disease. Taking this idea one step further, the entire world is infested with an overly aggressive consciousness of the Desire to Receive, which has become expressed in hatred, insensitivity and a cancerous pollution of the environment.

The quantum effect of each individual’s activity can have a tremendous beneficial influence over the lives of earth’s inhabitants. The month of Tamuz provides mankind with the unusual ability to cleanse every aspect of our existence. The more people involved in this universal endeavor of cleansing, so much greater will be the beneficial changes. We can indeed change history.

Never before in history has mankind been so privileged to have the ability to take hold of the reins of our destiny. We must return to the days when the world was full of knowledge. We must again become an informed people always asking “Why?”

This article originally appeared in Kabbalah Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 4, June 1996.