Daily Astrology Forecast for January 19-25, 2020
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Daily Astrology Forecast for January 19-25, 2020

Miriam Ashkenazi
January 19, 2020

January 19

A Big Shot at Learning Our Lesson

The month of Capricorn provides for us the environment and opportunities to learn many life lessons. It is a period of time that teaches us maturity, wisdom, and strength. With the Sun in its last degree of Capricorn, right before it moves into the next sign, we receive the ability to culminate all the lessons and wisdom we have learned this past month. When a planet, in this case the Sun, is in its last degree, the 29th degree, it is in a state of completion. The last degree of the Sun in Capricorn permits us to reconnect to all the great benefits and awakenings this past month had to offer. Since this year we had an abundance of cosmic forces and planets in the sign of Capricorn, the lessons and resolutions can be significant to our soul’s journey, not only in this lifetime, but also to previous lifetimes. Today, meditate upon the past month and your experiences. What were the challenges and what were the highlights? What did you learn? As we exit this month, we emerge wiser and stronger. We have been gifted with wisdom and clarity that can resolve issues from lives before this one, as well as issues in this current incarnation. As the wheel of your soul turns, each day, each month, each year, and each lifetime, you grow a little brighter and a little closer to the Source of all things.  

January 20

Pushing the Boundaries

Everything is indeed possible! With the Sun moving into the sign of Aquarius today, it is going to be easier for us to believe this. The gifts and influence of the upcoming month will help us to see things differently, be open to new and nontraditional ideas, and also help us to push the boundaries. We all have our own limiting belief system. The month of Capricorn, that we are still in according to the kabbalistic calendar, entails boundaries and structure, staying inside the box, and adhering to a traditional and safe way of doing things. Aquarius is coming to open the door to push those boundaries. We gain an expansive vision. Aquarius invites a new, creative, and inventive way to see the world and manifest things in our lives. The time has come to tackle and release our old limiting beliefs about ourselves, our abilities, and our gifts. We can truly do anything. Who we are today far from who we can become tomorrow. We have only touched the surface of our potential. We have only tasted what true joy and happiness can be. The time has come to believe in the impossible and to allow the Creator to dream for us a dream far greater than we can ever dream for ourselves.

January 21

You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Sun just moved into the sign of Aquarius yesterday, and already today, we are having an energetic battle with the planet Uranus. Aquarius loves to challenge the status quo and to go against the stream. Today, we are getting a taste of that defiance. Since the aspect, today, is related to interference and creating a challenge, be careful to add fuel to the fire by confronting others just for the sake of shaking things up or simply because you feel like fighting. The energy is one of rebellion and we want to avoid starting a revolution without an altruistic purpose. Revolutions are serious and not to be taken lightly. They should not be initiated for fun or for the pleasure of the adrenaline they provide. Be extremely cautious with your interactions with authority figures and or your parents. Rocking the boat has its purpose, otherwise everyone just ends up wet for no reason. Allow the revolution to come from within your heart as a vehicle to impact positive change in the lives of others, not from a place of ego where you simply want to entertain and excite yourself. 

January 22

Awakening Sincere Care

The Moon enters Capricorn today. Typically, the moon is considered to be “unhappy” in the sign of Capricorn. This is because of Capricorn’s restrictive and unemotional nature that often blocks the nurturing and sensitive positive aspects of the Moon. Luckily, the Moon is forming nice aspects today with Venus and Uranus. Both of these celestial bodies show care and awareness to the needs of others. They provide for us a point of balance that will awaken sincere care for the people in our lives. These aspects can also be a charm for our financial affairs. Pay attention to your intuition today, and if any new and creative idea comes to mind, take the time to look into it. Be open to hearing and following those messages being sent to you from the universe. Human dignity and caring for others is the way to remove chaos and problems from our own lives. How we treat others is how the universe will treat us. 

January 23

Don’t Fall Into the Trap

With the Sun square to Uranus, we are being pushed to look at things a bit differently. This day can potentially raise feelings of irritation or annoyance triggered by circumstances or people who present a different point of view or different idea than what we may have grown accustomed it. For today, let go of the focused and convinced outlook you have on life. Allow interferences and disturbances to shake you up a bit. Allow the universe to awaken you, causing you to reevaluate your current situation. What do you really want in life? Is a shift in direction a good idea? It could be. Today, however, is not the day to make a decision. For today, simply be more open and allow yourself to flow. Do not fight against anyone or anything that is pushing you into a new, unwanted, and opposite direction. You may be heading exactly where you have been wanting to go. We can never see the bigger picture, only the Creator can. Oftentimes, when things seem like they are falling apart, they are actually just falling into place. 


January 24

Letting Go of the Old, Welcoming the New

It is no coincidence how the zodiac is comprised. The Creator designed each sign and organized them in perfect order to assist humankind. It is not random when a particular sign begins and when one comes to an end. Each sign is representing a certain level of evolution and growth that it requires from us each year of our lives. Aquarius, that appears after Capricorn, represents the opposite and antidote to Capricorn. The system of Capricorn evolving into Aquarius teaches us to be open to taking a different route at times. It teaches us to stay tuned to the universe’s shifts and changes. It teaches us how to go with the flow and surf the waves of life. With the Moon entering the sign of Aquarius today, it joins Mercury and the Sun also in Aquarius. These three planets in Aquarius culminate to prepare us for the upcoming energy of the new month of Aquarius. We are being treated to a sneak peek of Aquarius, preparing us for the new energy that is due to enter soon. It is time to learn how to let go of the old and familiar, and allow the new and different to enter into our lives. We will only putrefy if we resist change and resist going where the universe is nudging us to go. The universe is always conspiring to direct you and take you to your best life. The only thing we need to do is trust in it by letting go of what we think is best and allow ourselves to flow towards our dreams. 

January 25 - Shabbat Va'era

I Want to Know More

With today’s beautiful aspect between Mercury and Mars, we are inspired to learn and know more. Throughout today’s interactions, seek out uncommon sense. Regarding matters of spirituality and self-development, dig deeper, explore, and become more knowledgeable. This aspect of education is a great balance with Mars in Sagittarius, these days, which sometimes can encourage jumping to conclusions and jumping into action before taking the time and the steps to acquire enough information to see if what we are about to do is really what is best for us long term. Use today’s gifts and take the time to learn the subject at hand and ask all the necessary questions before jumping into action. Knowledge is power, and the more we can learn and understand, the higher our consciousness can become and the greater blessings we can draw into our lives.