Daily Astrology Forecast for January 5-11, 2020
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Daily Astrology Forecast for January 5-11, 2020

Miriam Ashkenazi
January 5, 2020

January 5

Got Feelings?

Today, the Moon forms positive aspects with many planets in Capricorn. This is an ideal time to trust your intuition and gut feelings, especially when relating to growth, career, finances, and goals. Because Capricorns have an internal spiritual element of water, they have the ability to access their spiritual nature by tapping into their intuition. One of the recommendations that Rav Berg is sharing with us in his book, Kabbalistic Astrology, in order to help a Capricorn, and all of us, connect to our intuition is: “…Capricorn must share. The more you share, the more energy you reveal and the more accomplished you feel. Sharing helps Capricorn to reveal their true nature, which is sensitive and humane.” Today will be beneficial for us to find areas where we can share more of ourselves, and then, the universe will send us the gifts we need and direct us along our own personal endeavors and goals. Life is simply about becoming a channel, we will always receive more when we give more. Only by opening our hands to give, can our hands actually become ready to receive. 

January 6

Time Is Just an Illusion

Sometimes we feel pressure that everything must be done now and immediately, that tomorrow is not good enough. Today, with the challenging aspect of Mars and Uranus, we might feel pressure to move faster and rush into action. Be aware of this tendency and the potential to exhaust yourself. Today, take one step back. Pause for a moment. Look at reality from a more balanced and calm point of view. Then, after thought, reestablish your priorities. Then you will be ready to take a step closer to accomplishing all that you desire. This challenging aspect of today might lead you to feel that you do not have enough time for small steps, that rushing is your only option. However, the aspect of time, according to Kabbalah, is nothing but an illusion. Time can stretch and shrink. Years can seem like days and days can seem like years. Today, be sure to not fall into the illusion of time. The Creator, in a blink of an eye, can provide for you what could take you a lifetime to build. Rise above the confines of time and make decisions from your heart and intuition, not your fears.

January 7

How to Handle Interruptions

Do you ever have days that seem to be filled with small and mundane interruptions that prevent you from focusing and accomplishing your goals? If concentration and goal completion is required from you today, be aware and prepare for a possible setback. Today is not the ideal day, cosmically, to engage in any research or make significant progress. The Moon in Gemini is interfering with the numerous planets in Capricorn. This is like a little fly that comes and pesters you during your work. The energy of Gemini is extremely fast and changeable. Mixed with the attributes of the Moon, Gemini can feel like an emotional rollercoaster with constant change in our mood. In order to overcome today’s challenge, we all should remember to allow this “little fly” to pass and wait for it to move on in another direction. Do not allow for any interruption to awaken doubt in your progress and general direction in life. These setbacks are merely illusions and are simply temporary and momentary interference. Oftentimes, right before we reach our goal we are hit with a setback. Just before dawn, the night is darkest. If we can remember that no worthy goal is without its share of obstacles, we will be able to persevere forward knowing the greatest Light is always concealed, just waiting for us to reveal it.

January 8

Awakening Our Imagination

The positive aspect of today comes as highly beneficial during this month of Capricorn and even more so considering we have a whopping five planets in Capricorn! Capricorns are known to struggle with creativity. They can lack imagination and often will simply stick to the traditional, predictable, serious, and often boring approach. Today, Mercury is forming a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment allows us to easily access our imagination and creativity. This can be very helpful in handling difficult situations as it awakens the more creative approach and offers new, fresh, and creative solutions. This combination of the water from Pisces and the abundance of Capricorn earth can potentially be very powerful in our growth process, presenting us with the keys to awaken and access the spiritual realms that were locked up until now. Being lopsided is an impediment. Balance creates success. Today, allow the water and earth to work together for you. Like a right and left hand, we can reach our dreams with speed and efficiency, while they simultaneously fulfill us on the deepest of levels. 

January 9

Gentle Awakening

Today, the moon enters its home sign of Cancer. This movement can awaken a gentler energy into our lives. The month of Capricorn can often be tough, demanding, serious, and even harsh. Our focus, with Capricorn influence, is moving forward and pushing through no matter what. However, the Moon in Cancer comes to remind us to slow down and take the time to look inward. A Moon in Cancer will calm us and reinforce our inner strength. Cancer and Capricorn are two forces pulling opposite directions. They are opposed to each other on the zodiac wheel. During the two to three days that the Moon is in Cancer during the month of Capricorn, we are beckoned to find the balance between our external and internal efforts, between home and work, and between our emotions and intellect. This is a fortuitous moment as we develop the appreciation for work and for leisure, for coldness and warmth, and for giving and receiving. In balance, we find the success and peace we have been seeking.   

January 10

Women of Valor

The first full moon in the year 2020 is today. This full moon is in the sign of Cancer and, interestingly, 2020 will end with a full moon in Cancer, as well. Cancer is considered a feminine sign, and the moon also embodies a more feminine nature. Nurturing and manifesting energy are some desired qualities 2020 will begin and end with. Another hint that the two full moons in Cancer give us is the potential for this year to be the rise of women and feminine power throughout the world. According to Kabbalah, we as a human race are reaching closer to what is called the “Final Redemption.” This is a time when suffering and problems cease to exist in the human landscape. It is a time when the spiritual work of humanity reaches an end and only joy and peace are experienced. It is an era when all humanity will raise its spiritual consciousness leaving no more room for pain and chaos. It will be female leadership that will bring about global and universal spiritual change in this world. Now is the time to help empower the strong women among us. Let us commit to planting more seeds of feminine leadership, and with them, positive and proactive change in our lives and in our environment. 

January 11 - Shabbat Vayechi

Uranus Moves Direct, Again!

The sign of Aquarius follows this month of Capricorn. Even though we still have a few weeks of Capricorn energy ahead of us, the cosmos is slowly gearing up and preparing us for the Aquarian energy ahead. The planet Uranus, which is the planet that rules the sign of Aquarius, is moving direct today, after a long five-month period of being in retrograde. How will this new energy affect us? When a planet goes direct again, it is like it is waking up from slumber and it is then able to share all of its power in full force. Uranus is moving forward and this brings into our life the unexpected. Maybe certain things will take a surprising shift for you. Maybe you will suddenly feel the urge to leave the old and try something new. Since Uranus is in the sign of Taurus these days, Uranus is affecting our materialistic world. Expect the unexpected and be completely open-minded if things suddenly take a turn. The important question will be: how will we react to it? The more open-minded and spiritually aligned we are during these changes, the better the chance they will generate growth and blessings. It is always our consciousness that determines our reality and what we perceive. Everything that comes to us is from the love of the Creator. No matter what happens, it is for our own good. The only problem is that it can be hard to see the blessing from our perspective. But nevertheless, the day will come when we say, “Thankfully, that happened as it did. I didn’t know it at the time, but I am glad things turned out exactly as they did,” for the love and the Light of the Creator is always in the business.