Daily Astrology Forecast for Dec. 29 - Jan. 4, 2020

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Daily Astrology Forecast for Dec. 29 - Jan. 4, 2020

Miriam Ashkenazi
December 30, 2019
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December 29

Overcoming Obstacles

Happy new month to everyone. Today is the first day of the month of Capricorn in the kabbalistic calendar. As we learn in the study of Kabbalah, the first day of each month is the seed of the entire month. It is via the seed that we are able to control and bring positivity to what lies ahead. Therefore, it behooves us, today, to strive for our most positive consciousness. Because Capricorn opens the door to our goals and mission in life, and provides us with the strength and perseverance to endure and surmount our challenges and difficulties, today, take the time to envision yourself overcoming your obstacles this month. Meditate upon an area of your life where you may feel challenged or where you may be struggling. Focus and see yourself overcoming this obstacle and breaking through. Ask the universe to bestow upon you the strength, grace, and answers that you need so you may climb your mountain and reach the others side. It is on this other side, after the hard work and effort, and challenges have been won, that our truest and greatest blessings will be found. Have a successful and wonderful month!

December 30

Out of the Ordinary

With five planets in the sign of Capricorn these days, we are feeling the influence to be more realistic and practical. Today, Mercury is forming a positive aspect to Uranus. This aspect encourages us to open our minds and step away from the ordinary and mundane way of thinking. This is a powerful cosmic influence that can allow for newness and bigger thinking to play a part in the next steps of our growth process. Since both Mercury and Uranus are in earth signs, there is a great potential to see clearly how to practically apply and integrate these new and unique ideas into our path towards achieving our goals. This is a time when thought can be brought into action, and when dreams can become reality. Do not be afraid to work hard, for the time is ripe to manifest what you have been wanting into reality.

December 31

The Year Ends with an Opportunity for Inner Peace

Considering today is the last day of the Gregorian year, we can use the cosmic influence of today to support us with positive consciousness so we may successfully conclude this past year and be ready to begin the new year of 2020. Today, the sun and the moon are forming a nice aspect, allowing the energy of Sagittarius and Libra to unite. We are encouraged to feel at peace and have acceptance of where we are find ourselves in life. Finding peace with ourselves and with others provides a great ending to the year and a wonderful start for the year to come. Take the time, today, to meditate and connect to a more holistic perspective of your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Let go of the past, surrender and accept the present, and have certainty in the future as you move on to your next level in the upcoming year. Letting go can be the hardest thing to do. But, if we know there is a higher power at work, we can stop the struggle, let go, and see the Creator will always help us to float.

January 1

Tune Up

Happy New Year to everyone! We start the new year in the midst of the month of Capricorn. The influence of Capricorn is foreboding these days, as four other planets besides the Sun are in Capricorn as well. There is much we can do, manifest, and handle while having this strong cosmic influence in place. The known qualities of Capricorn mostly deal with the physical and practical reality of life. What many people do not know, however, is that even though Capricorn is an earth sign, Kabbalah teaches that Capricorn’s internal element, the spiritual part, is actually water. During this time, we want to discover and connect to the watery, sensitive, and intuitive element of Capricorn. Today, with the moon in Pisces, we gain this ability to reach the water of Capricorn creating a balance between our outer and our inner worlds. We are able to expand ourselves between our strength and goals of this world and our soul’s desires and true essence of our inner world. Our inner world contains the Light of the Creator, our mission in this life, and our ability to serve and care for humanity. Today, while we all run the marathon of life with busy schedules, plans, and career pursuits, stop for a moment to connect to your inner world. Take the time to honor your intuition. Tune into something 

January 2


Today, with Mercury and Jupiter in close proximity, they both gift and benefit each other. Jupiter grows and expands anything it touches. Since Mercury is the ruler of our mind, thoughts, and communication, this will be of great benefit. This positive proximity can allow us to think bigger and improve our communication with others. It can support us in expressing ourselves better and delivering important messages or lessons. Since both Mercury and Jupiter are in the sign of Capricorn, this influence can be beneficial in our business affairs, careers, and social influences. This hand to hand meeting of the planet of luck and good fortune with the planet of communication can greatly serve us in climbing fast towards our next goal. 

January 3

Don’t Over Do It

With today’s movement of Mars into the sign of Sagittarius, we can experience a new energy that can boost our confidence and have us believing in our abilities. If Mars in Sagittarius is forming positive aspects with other planets in your personal chart, it can be an ideal time to finally go and grab what it is you want. Our caveat during this time is overdoing it and being too ambitious ignoring legitimate obstacles and realities. For example, do not register for a marathon if you have not been running regularly. Do not sign up for seven online classes when you have a full-time job, are busy volunteering, and are president of your local counsel! Sagittarius sometimes signals to us that too much is still not enough. We want to take advantage of this time to grab the big brass ring in life, while keeping our tiptoes on the ground still. We must see the reality for what it truly is before we commit and jump for the gold. 

January 4 - Shabbat Vayigash

Finding a Common Ground

Both the Moon and Uranus, today, are in the sign of Taurus. This can be very helpful in healing and building our relationships. The Moon has a highly intuitive force and this is combined with Uranus’ highly intellectual and realistic approach, while both residing in the most balanced sign of the zodiac. This combination of energy allows us to be greatly attentive to others and act as a mediator in our surroundings. If you find yourself, today, in the midst of a conflict brewing, remember this cosmic energy and you will be able to function as someone who can help find common ground and bring resolution. We are gifted with sensitivity and the wisdom to help people heal on many levels. Today, let us think about others and how we can help them, and we can watch how our own problems seem to magically solve themselves.