Daily Astrology Forecast for January 6-12, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for January 6-12, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
January 6, 2019

January 6 - Eve of the New Moon of Aquarius

Awakening the Rebel Within

Today is the last day of the month of Capricorn, and Uranus, the planet ruling the upcoming month, is finally ending its retrograde and moving full force ahead. This kind of shift can awaken for each of us the desire to become a nonconformist in our own life, community, and the world.

Kabbalistically, we learn that we have the power to generate positivity or negativity depending upon our intentions and consciousness. Today, make sure that if you do decide to begin a revolution, you move only in a positive direction that benefits all of humanity. Avoid making waves just for the sake of making noise, and be careful not to hurt others on the path to creating a better world. Let us utilize the energy to create a positive revolution that acts in serving humanity, and raises all of humankind to a higher level of being.

January 7

Happy New Month!

Today is the first day of the month of Aquarius. Aquarius comes as a breath of fresh air after the practical, logical, and down-to-earth energy that we experienced in the previous month. Today, we can connect to authentic freedom in all aspects of life. In addition to Venus entering into the sign of Sagittarius, we can broaden our horizons and gain excitement in exploring new opportunities in relationships and or finances. Aquarius helps us become aware and connect to the new and the different. One thing to monitor with the transit of Venus in Sagittarius is overspending. Pause from making large investments and taking financial risks, be conservative for today. Wishing everyone a positive and blessed month. May we all breathe in the air of freedom! 

January 8

Simmer the Boil Within

Today’s energy requires us to remember the importance of taking a few deep breaths before responding to any situation. We are still in Capricorn on the Gregorian calendar. Capricorn’s general demeanor is cool and reserved. This does not mean, however, those qualities also exist on the inside. Capricorn’s inner spiritual element is water, therefore, their exteriors will not always indicate what is really occurring on the inside. Mercury is also in Capricorn and squared with Mars in Aries. This can potentially affect us in feeling our buttons are being pushed too far. We might reach our “boiling point” more quickly than we thought possible. We might find ourselves getting upset and lashing out with little control. Combat this influence with breathing exercises and short breaks to center ourselves. Any relaxing activity can be very beneficial in balancing the slightly harsh energy. Remembering that the Light is always in the business and everything is happening for the greater good will surely help calm our nerves today. 

January 9

Just Do It!

Proactivity, initiative, and taking an action towards goals is the energy on our horizon today! With six planets in cardinal signs, we are nudged by the Universe to move things forward in our life. The Sun in Capricorn is about being practical, setting goals, and working hard to climb the ladder. Today, allow and welcome this tremendous force to move you forward. Don’t hesitate. Each day is a gift, each day is unique. Tomorrow might be similar, but there will never be another day exactly like today.

January 10

Honesty and Loyalty

Today, the moon is entering into Pisces. A Pisces moon in the solar month of Capricorn offers many wonderful qualities and opportunities. Honesty and loyalty are qualities that we can connect to today. Be willing to be open and honest with the ones around you. Take advantage of the opportunities to show your loyalty to those you feel deserve it, whether it is your organization, work, spouse, or friend. The challenge today is being too sensitive and allowing yourself to be affected by another’s opinion or any external influence.  This can interfere with your inner peace and balance. Being conscious of the influences of the planets, with their opportunities and challenges, help us make the best out of each day.     

January 11

A Once-a-Year Opportunity for Personal Transformation

We often ask ourselves many questions throughout life. “What is my Tikkn (soul correction)?” “What is my purpose in life?” “What am I here to work on?” “What is blocking me from reaching my next level in life?” We might be able to recognize different aspects of our Tikkun, and we might be able to see many things about ourselves we wish to improve. But, what is life really trying to teach us? What is the major barrier that prevents me from connecting to the Light completely? Today, the Sun and Pluto are having their unique and annual meeting. We are assisted in clearly identifying what our spiritual work is on our path towards transformation and growth. It is an incredible opportunity. Pay attention to what the Universe is trying to teach you today. If you feel that you cannot hear the message in your normal routine and atmosphere, take the time and go for a walk. Open yourself up to the world. Ask the Creator to give you the clarity that is readily available today. The ability to address the needs of our soul is the reason we came to this world, and nothing brings greater joy and fulfillment.

January 12 - Shabbat Bo

Dare to Be Unique; Dare to Be Different.

When the Moon and Mars are in the sign of Aries during Aquarius in the Kabbalistic Calendar, we are given a push to be ourselves without caring what other people might say or think. We each came to this world with unique gifts, purposes, talents, and abilities that no one else on earth possesses. Today, do everything you can to discover your gifts. If you already know what they are, share them with the world and manifest them. If you have a daily meditation or prayer, request guidance in discovering all that makes you unique and what you can offer to the world. Talents and blessings are only given to us so we may use them for the benefit of all of humanity.