Daily Astrology Forecast for January 13-19, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for January 13-19, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
January 13, 2019

January 13


How do we make our dreams come true? How do we even know if a certain dream or goal is meant to come true? Are we overwhelmed with too many dreams?

Today, Jupiter squares with Neptune which will occur three times this year. This planetary arrangement encourages us to leave “dreamland” and take the more realistic and practical path. Avoid feeling too optimistic and falling for a reality that doesn’t actually exist. Be diligent in injecting logic in all areas of life today. If you feel creative, channel it in the artistic field where there is no right or wrong. Feel free to express any creative ideas in activities such as painting, writing, music, dance, and the arts. Success in life is always keeping your feet on the ground as you reach for the stars.  

January 14

Growth from Challenge

With four major planets still in Capricorn (Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn), we should continue to monitor how we handle our challenges and difficulties. When Capricorn dominates in the cosmos, it is a time when our certainty in life is tested. We are required to work harder and life just seems to be more challenging and limiting. Therefore, today would be a good time to be reminded of the kabbalistic approach to challenges.

Challenges are here to make us stronger. If we keep our certainty along the path, we develop resilience and our personal vessel expands so that we may receive more Light and blessings in the future. If you have ever participated in a marathon, do you remember how you felt when you finished? How do you generally feel after a challenge in life has ended? When we surpass our difficulties, we are left wiser and stronger. Hardships also prepare us in becoming greater beacons of Light so that we may help others surmount their difficulties. A teacher once said to her student, “If I could take away all your problems, I wouldn’t.” Only pressure and time can make the most beautiful diamonds. With this consciousness, we can surely be successful during this time.  

January 15

Turning Your Dreams into Reality

There is a beautiful relationship between Neptune and the Moon, today, that helps ignite our imagination and intuition. Since the moon is in Taurus, beautiful energy is able to be funneled down to earth. It can be manifested in our lives and not simply stay in potential. Today can be a good day to take additional steps towards our goals and dreams. Be open to your intuition to guide you. Listen to the messages. Trust what you hear in your heart and take action on it. When we take even the smallest of steps, the Universe conspires in big ways to assist us.

January 16

Being a True Friend

In the kabbalistic month of Aquarius, we can all expand our social involvement. Aquarius is one of the more social signs in the Zodiac. We have the ability this month to flourish in social settings. Be open to joining any kind of community, organization, or club that supports a cause that is close to our hearts. Take advantage of this positive communal energy. Our challenge this month can appear with intimate personal relationships. Group activities might be very tempting and appealing now, but do not neglect your personal relationships in the process. Resist any desire to detach emotionally from close loved ones and friends. Today, make the effort to be more sensitive and attentive to the people who are dear to your heart. Become a better friend. Make a point to say, “I love you.” Caring for the needs of another is true friendship and also true spirituality. 

January 17

Give and Take: The Balancing Game of Life

It is an art form to know how to balance giving and receiving. But, by balancing those two forces, we create continuity, harmony, and circuitry in our lives. Today, cosmic elements help us achieve this balance.  Meditate on where in life you may need to share more and where you may need to be more open to receive. Here are some aspects of life to consider: time, money, love, compassion, compliments, attention, wisdom, empowerment, guidance, and support. Choose one area in life that you can increase sharing in, and one area you can allow yourself to receive more. By the end of the day, try to have made an effort in creating a better balance. The greatest balance in life comes when we learn how to receive for the sake of sharing with others. In this way, everyone wins.

January 18

Love Is Written in the Stars

Today, Venus and Mars are falling in love! An opportunity for romance is in the air. It is a favorable day to pursue a new relationship or spice up an existing one. If you are currently in a relationship, express yourself! Show your partner you love them. Take an action of care and share with them in way that is beyond your comfort zone. Put their needs ahead of your own. You can create positive energy today that can provide tremendous support for your relationship and positively benefit you both in the long term. For those of you who are not in a relationship, someone will catch your eye today. Share with them and see what happens. This can help you better know if he or she is suitable for a romance or if you should move on. Love is one of the greatest joys of life, let us not miss out on it.

January 19 - Shabbat Beshalach

Applying Restriction

The basis of kabbalistic spirituality is the concept of restriction. In the study of Kabbalah, we learn that in order to enjoy the most fulfillment in any situation we should restrict in receiving and avoid immediate gratification. We can receive, but we can receive even more if we slow down the process a bit. This is called restriction. By restricting, we are able to achieve a greater level of connection to the Light in the situation and ensure our fulfillment is not just temporary or short lived. Today, there is a challenging relationship between Mars and Saturn. This makes the energy to simply jump into acting and the energy to take the time to think and plan at odds with each other. Today, let restriction be the driving force to reconcile this. Restrict with full conviction and certainty. With restriction, the Light is turned on and life can be everything you ever dreamt of it being.