Daily Astrology Forecast for April 14-20, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for April 14-20, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
April 14, 2019

April 14

Answers from Above

Today, positivity abounds with the lucky aspect between the Sun and Jupiter. We are blessed with the ability to see the solution to any challenge at hand, particularly areas that are blocking us from shinning and being our best! This will allow us to express ourselves in our best light. We will be able to resolve situations that have prevented us from moving forward and getting what we want. If you do not feel this energy being awakened today for yourself, try to harness it. Take the time to ask the universe to open your eyes and provide you the clarity to see the answers. Ask for the ability to hear the messages. The Light of the Creator is within you as are all the answers you need. Knowing this power resides in you will call it forth. We need only to be open to what we need to hear.

April 15

The Time to Bloom

Today, the cosmos is directing us to take our relationships to the next level.
There is a powerful supportive element of Venus and Pluto that encourages us to deepen our connections with our loved ones. In new relationships or established ones, share of yourself and offer something about yourself that you had not shared before. It could be feelings you have hidden, mistakes from your past, or things you have trouble speaking about. The goal is to bring more truth to the table and help make your relationship more authentic. Today, the universe is presenting an opportunity to reinforce and strengthen our relationships. Take advantage of it by taking the risk to open up to another soul so you may build a stronger and deeper connection. We come to this world not to acquire wealth or gain accomplishments, but to learn how to get closer to one another. In loving another, we not only become closer to them, but also closer to the Creator. 

April 16


Today, we can find in the cosmos six planets in mutable signs. A mutable sign garnishes the ability to adapt, adjust, and easily change. Today, let us take advantage of this by focusing on areas of our lives where we are stubborn or feel stuck. Such places will feel difficult and block us repeatedly. Where are you always hitting the wall? Ask yourself today, “What do I need to change?” “How can I do things differently?” “What is the universe trying to show me?” Maybe you have tried repeatedly the same approach and it has not been successful. If you raise those questions, you can gain the clarity and receive the answers on what exactly you need to change. Nothing in this world stays the same, because the universe is always growing. Growth is change. Do not be afraid to change and grow, too. Trust that wherever the universe is nudging you towards is exactly where you are meant to be. There is a blessing waiting for you, if you are only open to taking the first step in receiving it.

April 17

Being Direct and Being Kind

With today’s movement of Mercury into the sign of Aries, we are presented with both opportunities and challenges. If you are the type of person who struggles with self-expression and being too concerned with what people think, for the next four weeks, you get a boost from the universe to be able to say what you have to say, be direct, and present exactly what is on your mind. The challenge on the other hand is for those who already easily speak their minds. Mercury in Aries does not think twice, arrives at conclusions quickly, and is often blunt while communicating. Today, take time before you speak. Let your thoughts go through some sort of filtration process. Slow down and think twice before opening your mouth to say anything to anyone. Loving-kindness is always in our own best interest. When we cause the blood to rush out of embarrassment in the face of another, we hurt them. This energy will only boomerang back to us. Speaking words of love is how to bring more love into our own lives. 

April 18

In Consideration of Others

In the month of Aries, we can be tempted to fall into selfish behavior and desire to fulfill only our own personal agenda. We learn in Kabbalah that there is great power in sharing and awaking love with the people around us. We cannot live our lives only thinking about ourselves. It will not bring us long term happiness nor support our soul’s growth. Fortunately, the cosmos is offering us assistance. The moon currently is in Libra. Libra is the sign of listening to others, incorporating others’ opinions, and desiring to create unions. The North Node is in Cancer and it helps us to direct our energy to others, as well. Today, care for others, be sensitive to their needs, and be overall more considerate of people. There is a Light within you that can only shine when we make the choice to care for the people around us. It is only through people that we are able to fulfill our destiny of becoming like the Creator who made us.   

April 19 - Pesach 1st Seder

Tying Loose Ends

With today’s energy of the full moon in Libra, we can gain the clarity and energy needed to bring any issues of relationships and financial matters to an end. If you have been unsure of how to proceed with something in the past, revisit the situation once again, for clarity and answers are on the horizon today. If you need to close a chapter and begin something new, today is ideal. The full moon is a time when the sun and the moon are in perfect union. The Light and the vessel are one in balanced harmony. All desires are met and fulfilled. This occurs only one day in the month and the energy is there to support us. We represent the moon and the Creator is the Sun. A full moon gives us a glimpse into a perfected reality where we have activated the spark of the Creator within us. For when we are in a state of sharing and giving, we are one with the Creator.

April 20 - Pesach 1st Day & Shabbat

Passion or Distraction

Venus is moving into the sign of Aries. This means that the beautiful, loving, and harmonious planet of love is moving into the passionate sign of war. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and thus will awaken and give birth to many possibilities in our love life. Be prepared to feel a renewed sense of passion, joy, and courage. Aries presents some challenges, as well. Avoid the overwhelming desire to argue, be first, be right, and to win. Selfishness is the risk of Venus moving into Aries. Let us always remember to choose love and not war. Let us desire to be number one at how big our hearts are. Let us win at how much we can love. Let us desire the very best: a world filled only with love