Daily Astrology Forecast for December 9-15, 2018

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Daily Astrology Forecast for December 9-15, 2018

Miriam Ashkenazi
December 9, 2018

December 9

The First Day of the Month of Capricorn 

Welcome to the first day of the month of Capricorn. Today, as with every first day of a lunar month, we have the opportunity to plant positive seeds that affect approximately the next 30 days.

The opportunity today will be in benefiting from the positive qualities of the astrological sign of Capricorn. The energy of Capricorn provides the power of manifestation, the ability to set boundaries and goals, and create a clear plan for the path of growth in our lives.  

Saturn, the planet that rules the sign of Capricorn, can be challenging and cold at times, but it is also known as the “The Great Teacher.” Now is the time when we can gain inner wisdom, learn from our challenges, and develop strength. We can take advantage of the energy present in the cosmos this month and forge forward in our lives with discipline and determination. A mountain lies before us, and this is the month we can reach the top.

December 10

The Final Day of Chanukah

Today, is the last day of Chanukah, the holiday of miracles and wonders. The day is rich with the energy of completion. Abundance, Light, and goodness fill the air.

However, because of the cosmic challenges between Mercury and Uranus, it might be difficult for us to feel that positive energy. There is a strong desire to extend ourselves to others, but we have to be vigilant in not allowing the issues of others to have a negative effect on our own health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is vital to find the balance between receiving and sharing. If we feel exhausted, we should take the time to rest and recharge. In this way, our sharing will be effective and positively received by others. We must always remember to take the time to love ourselves as we are busy loving others.

December 11

Emotional Independence

Today, we are supported in gaining our emotional independence. With the moon moving into the sign of Aquarius, there is a wave of change in how we all feel internally, and in the way our emotional system functions. Since each of us is created differently, some of us may feel emotionally blocked, some may find it a challenge to control our emotions, while others may feel emotionally balanced. The movement of the moon into Aquarius will affect us each differently.

If you are still holding on to emotional pain from the past, today is the ideal day to finally let it go. Take advantage of the energy and take action to set yourself free! Take the opportunity to connect to your spiritual practice or meditate to help draw this supportive wave of energy into your life.

If you are challenged in feeling empathy for others and connecting personally to people, today will not readily support you on that issue. However, today can assist you in self-reflection to discover what is truly blocking you from connecting more intimately with others. We are given the support to take another step towards our emotional and spiritual transformation. As Rav Berg said, “Our purpose in life is to come into this world one way and leave it another.”

December 12

Free Thinkers

With Mercury’s movement from Scorpio into Sagittarius today, the gates are open to be freed from limited thinking. We can begin to think big in any area of our lives. Spread your wings! Do not dismiss any random positive idea that comes to you. Take your consciousness to its next level.

Be cautious, however, in not taking into consideration any practical limitations that we know need our attention. If your new and grandiose ideas require more funds than you presently have in your bank account, think twice before acting. But file away your great and unlimited ideas for the future. In this way, you can build your vessel, create a vision, and set goals. Before jumping into action, take into consideration momentary practical limitations. Then, create a plan to remove and resolve such limitations.

Just keep in mind, it is the holiday season. Rethink your spending and stay within your budget. Healthy finances offer a peace of mind which is one of the greatest gifts of all.

December 13

Use Your Imagination

Today, your imagination soars! With three planets in Pisces (Mars, Neptune, and the Moon), the forces of imagination and creativity are placed into action.

It’s an ideal time to act on your creative ideas, implement creative solutions, trust your instincts, and create change.

Take advantage of this energy especially in areas of life where you may feel creatively blocked. Welcome this creative burst into your life by meditating on these positive affirmations:

  • Today, I will allow my imagination to soar.
  • Today, creativity is abundant and flows into my consciousness. 
  • Today, I am fully inspired and ready to create.

You are never better than when you connect to the Creator that lies within. 

December 14

Are You a Mr. or Mrs. Know-It-All?

Today, with the powerful celestial bodies of the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Sagittarius, we should be careful in the way we convey information and give advice. When Sagittarius is ruling our communication and general demeanor, we potentially can come across to others as self-righteous. We should be on the lookout today from becoming that Mr. or Mrs. Know-It-All. A pushy preacher is never welcomed in a crowd.

On the other hand, Sagittarian energy can create brilliant teachers, while simultaneously being eager to learn and be students of the world. Today, rather than preach to others what is right and wrong, let us act with humility and create an openness to learn from others and life experiences. For the greatest teachers are always first the greatest students. 

December 15 - Shabbat Vayigash

Truth Is More Powerful Than Fiction

Today, we can all put on our detective hats. The cosmic energy encourages us to discover the truth. This desire can motivate us to help others and support them in their search for justice. However, there are always two sides to every story. Be careful and take the time to consider both sides before placing a judgment and taking an action.

Allow today’s energy to continue to drive you to reveal the truth, yet understand when it is time to let go and allow the Universe to unfold the answers for you. Our eyes and brain are gifts from the Creator so we may implement healthy logic and judgment; however, at the end of the day, there is a Higher Truth that we should all strive to connect to. For the bigger picture is not always ours to see.