Daily Astrology Forecast for December 23-29, 2018

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Daily Astrology Forecast for December 23-29, 2018

Miriam Ashkenazi
December 23, 2018

December 23

Today Is the Full Moon in the Sign of Cancer.

The qualities of nurturing, caring, intuition, and emotional connections bloom at their best today.

The full moon gives us the opportunity of completion and unification. The full moon, or the 15th day of the Kabbalistic Calendar, is also known to be the day where we receive complete spiritual assistance from all the righteous and elevated souls above.

Since the full moon is in Cancer during the month of Capricorn, today is an ideal day to create Divine balance and harmony in our careers and home-life. Spend meaningful time with your family at home, and also make the time to invest in your career taking further steps towards your goals. To have true fulfillment in life, we cannot only build a house, but we must also learn how to build a home.

December 24

Who Done It?

We become amateur sleuths today. With the positioning of Mercury and Neptune, we are prone to making up stories and speculations in our heads that may have nothing to do with reality.

Today, there is a danger of falling into a false reality. We could think that someone is against us when in reality they are not. It will be easy to believe in illusions. Something may appear real when in actuality it is not. We may be tricked into thinking that we are unable to achieve our goals, when on the contrary we are completely capable!

Do not be tricked into believing those inner negative thoughts and feelings today. There is a great probability that you created them all in your head.

Let us instead transform this energy into something positive. Reach out to others and help them with their problems, it can help you solve your own. If you are in any artistic field, use your talent and today’s energy to create a positive creation such as a story, song, painting or screen play. Life can be full of illusions and the eyes can be fooled. Following the wisdom of the heart is our surest path to the truth. 

December 25

Hurting and Getting Hurt

With today’s challenging positioning of the Moon and Venus, there is a potential for misunderstandings, especially with our emotions. If we find ourselves taking things too personally, we can view it as an opportunity to see this tendency and overcome it. If you get hurt, restrict your desire to hurt back.

We learn in Kabbalah that being emotionally vulnerable is a normal part of being human. During these moments of vulnerability, we can be open to remembering that the cosmos is presenting us with an opportunity to work on ourselves and our tikkune (karmic correction). We can strive to connect to a consciousness higher than our human tendency, and rise above our negative emotions. We have the power to transform something negative into something positive and beneficial. How can we achieve this? By stepping out of ourselves and sharing with someone unconditionally. For a moment, abandon self-involvement, and go share with another, no matter how illogical it may seem. In this way, you can release yourself from your own self-imposed chains. We can then climb another level on our spiritual path, transforming ourselves into even greater and more powerful spiritual beings.  

December 26

Harmony in Desires, Actions, and Emotions

Today’s beautiful trine of two tremendous forces, the Sun and the Moon, both in Earth signs, allow us to connect to our past, present, and future selves.

We are aided in becoming the best version of ourselves. We gain awareness of our truest aspirations and how to manifest them. This is a beautiful gift because both the Sun and the Moon are in Earth signs which impart to us the powers of perseverance, consistency, and manifestation. Take the front seat in your life and lead yourself towards creating meaningful results. Today, do not limit or underestimate your potential. Have the greatest of expectations out of life. Visualize a clear plan on how to achieve your dreams and then take the actions needed. You are powerful beyond measure, and every action you take reverberates throughout the Universe. 

December 27

Learning to Be Sensitive & Kind

Today, Mars trine the North Node, and both are in water signs. This can be a pivotal point in our tikkune (karmic work). Look for the opportunities to act in ways of compassion and sensitivity to others.

The North Node represents our tikkune which is the culmination of the issues we were born to address and resolve. Currently, the North Node is in Cancer and this affects all humanity for the next one and a half years, no matter what your personal astrology sign may be.

North Node in Cancer guides us to conduct our lives with more sensitivity and kindness. Today, specifically, we are supported to not only feel others’ pain, but to take action in order to help them. If we have been looking recently for an opportunity to volunteer or share, today is the perfect day to do so. We will find that in the helping of others, we consequently help ourselves in the process.

December 28

Being a Mentor for Others

With the influence of Capricorn this month, we gain extra ambition and support in pushing ourselves to our next level in life.  The challenge with this energy is when we become so determined to succeed, we can often step on others on the way to the top.

Today, pause for a moment to check your intentions. Utilize the eagerness to succeed and become "Number 1" for another person. Think of someone in your life that you can help support to become their best self. Mentor someone to assist them to grow and succeed on their path.

Transforming our desires just for ourselves alone into a desire to help others will eventually bring us all that we want in life, and more. 

December 29 - Shabbat Shemot

Putting the Broken Pieces Back Together

Every relationship has challenges. At times, it is best to let go of the problems we may see. Other times, we feel we cannot ignore them any longer and we try to do everything in our power to fix them.

With the positive aspect of Venus and Pluto today, we are being encouraged to address and resolve our most difficult issues in our romantic relationship. Be honest as to what each partner needs to work on, make a commitment to change, and move forward with greater awareness to the part we each play in the drama.

Let us take advantage of today’s energy and initiate a discussion with our partner about the challenges at hand. The power of today supports us in removing the obstacles that stand in our way of a healthier relationship. We are able to connect to our partners with more unity, love, and support. Relationships really only serve to help us become closer to the Creator, teaching us how to awaken the Divine love buried within our hearts.