Daily Astrology Forecast for August 4 – 10, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for August 4 – 10, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
August 4, 2019

August 4

To Be Surrounded By Beauty

With today’s movement of the Moon into Libra and the Sun being in the sign of Leo, we are bestowed with the ability to connect further with the beauty around us. In addition, we helped to create more beauty in our lives. Pleasantry, beauty, and creativity are today’s gifts. If you have been meaning to do some decorating, today is ideal to give your home or office a makeover. For those of you who are in the design or beauty business, today’s cosmic energy will assist you the most. If you are gifted with interior design skills or any talent that involves beautification, today is optimal to take this action and beautify everything around you. Our eyes are known as the windows to our soul. Whenever we are exposed to beauty, it helps us feel more at ease, inspired, comfortable, and good overall. What we allow to enter our eyes also enters our souls. We can be affected positively or negatively. What we find inside ourselves is what we put there, so let us put the good and the beautiful there.

August 5

The Captain of the Ship

Today’s challenging aspect between the Moon and Saturn can lead us to be pessimistic of our past and present situations. The danger of today is to fall into sadness, being trapped by guilt and heavy emotions. This tendency is more likely in the dealings of the home and family. The best advice, today, will be to strengthen our consciousness by reminding ourselves that we are, in fact, the masters of our own destiny! Life is not happening at random, rather we are co-creators. Rav Berg teaches in Kabbalistic Astrology, “The Kabbalistic study of planets and star formation tells us that we are each born at the precise instant that is best suited to our special need so that we can exercise free will. Kabbalah teaches that we have many possible futures, and that through kabbalistic wisdom, we can become captain of our own ship and master of our own destiny.” 

August 6 – Death Anniversary of Rav Isaac Luria

Abundance, Blessings, and Prosperity 

Today is a kabbalistically positive day that is, by no coincidence, aligned beautifully with the gifts of the cosmos. Today is the day of elevation, or anniversary of passing, for The Ari, also known as Rabbi Isaac Luria. The Ari was a righteous soul that left the world on the fifth day of Av, which is Leo in the kabbalistic calendar. On the day of elevation of a righteous soul, we have unique and great support available in the universe. The beneficial energy and gifts that the righteous soul shared with the world are once again available for us to connect to in these 24 hours. The Ari’s special support is in allowing us to rise above the limitations of the physical world and connect to the unlimited abundance and blessings that flow from the spiritual realms. With today’s supporting aspect between the Sun, our essence, and Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and luck, we have major potential to draw down blessings, prosperity, and abundance. The gates are open and a flow of positive energy and Light shines. Today, take advantage of any positive opportunity that comes your way and allow for this flow of positive energy to enter your life. The spiritual masters who lived before us did so much of the work already. The ladder to the heavens have been built, we need only to climb it. 

August 7

Feeling Good

The trine of the Sun and Jupiter is still affecting us and it brings to us a day of good feelings and peace and harmony with others. However, today, we should also be aware of the temptation to overindulge in the good feelings and allow the day to slip by without being consciousness. Today, use the energy for actions of self-care and self-betterment. Do not sleep through this beautiful transit --- this would be a waste. Laziness should not be an option for us. Instead, start the day with enthusiasm and optimism. It is an ideal day to try new activities and expand your mind. The potential of today is to possess a positive frame of mind where changes can be made in life without feeling doubt or regret. Ahead of you lies only positivity and goodness. Your future is bright and anything is possible. Your dreams are in your grasp. Life can be whatever you want it to be. Take these truths with you today, as you forge forward to create your best life.

August 8

Expanding Our Love

The sign of Leo is known for its ability to feel love and to show love. The heart, the organ that is associated with love and compassion, represents and is affiliated with Leo. With today’s beautiful trine between Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, we have the great potential to awaken and feel love. There is an opening to more easily show and express it. Jupiter is the planet of expansion --- anything it touches grows and magnifies. It allows us to go big. Today, allow yourself to express your heart and your love in grand scale. Gaining more sensitivity to feel love and the power to give it freely and abundantly is our great gift today. Love is the answer that ends all conflict, strife, problems, and fear. Love is the Light that removes the darkness in this world. It is the gateway that leads us to peace on earth and the healing we need.

August 9

Being a Beacon of Light 

Today, both the Moon and Jupiter are in the sign of Sagittarius. This raises our care and awareness to our surroundings. Sagittarius and its ruling planet, Jupiter, have a natural curiosity for everything that is around them. They both impel us to look for meaning, symbolism, and purpose. The Moon is the planet that helps us to feel and be empathetic. When these two forces join, we are more sensitive to our environment and raise our desire to understand it in a deeper way. A desire awakens to make important contributions to society and we gain the ability to see the solution to social problems. Today, focus on others. Your concern for others is genuine and you truly have the power to care and make a difference in this world. Sagittarius is the fire sign that appears in the darkened winter months. In this way, it acts as a beautiful light in the dark times of our lives. Bringing Light to others is our very purpose of existence and nothing will bring us more fulfillment in the process. 

August 10 – Shabbat Devarim

The Power of Love

As we mentioned before, love is one of the strongest themes of this month and the sign of Leo. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus, today, is accentuating the desire to love and to be loved. Since Leo is a sign that seeks attention, we should pay attention that we do not act in ways that will demand it from others. The need for love can be imbalanced at times. The caveat of today is being overly eager for other people to like us and to be recognized. On a positive note though, this could be a day for romance! The connection between the Sun and Venus opens up the door for romantic encounters as it can light up the fire of love in our hearts and souls. An opened heart is a loving heart, and the world needs love now more than ever. Love and give it freely.