Daily Astrology Forecast for June 2-8, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for June 2-8, 2019

June 2

Lessons of Love

In Kabbalah, we learn that our environment is a major influencer in our spiritual progress in life. It is actually mentioned that the only exercise of free choice is in choosing our environment.

People around us are there to present opportunities for us to connect, share, change, and transform, especially those who are closest to our hearts. With today’s beautiful trine of Venus and Pluto, we should all be prepared for meaningful experiences or conversations to take place in the upcoming days. Our interactions with our loved ones can present a huge opportunity to deeply connect, learn, and understand things that will benefit and contribute to our growth.

If your current relationship is uncertain or if it is your life partner, both are here to teach you something valuable. Today can be an important stepping stone in your path to connecting to true wisdom and true love, in all of their forms. 

June 3 - Night of the New Moon of Gemini

Fun and Light: A Breath of Fresh Air

Gemini is in control full force! The Sun, the Moon, and Mercury are all in the sign of Gemini. Gemini allows us to feel much lighter in every sense and form. We can feel so light that at times we can be easily influenced by any whisper around us. We can get distracted very easily and might feel a great challenge staying focused. The positive side of this new Gemini energy is acquiring the ability to have fun, enjoy life, and to take things with more humor and a lighter approach. After the heavy and earthy month of Taurus, Gemini comes like a breath of fresh air. Let us utilize this energy today by actively enjoying our lives. Make a conscious effort to enjoy the people around you. Have fun and engage in social outings. Try taking all of life’s obligations and difficulties a little less seriously. Allowing this lighter energy into our world can help us in find creative solutions and to detach from limiting thinking. This is the month when we close the space between us and the Creator. It is a unification that truly is made in heaven.  

June 4 - First Day of Gemini

Starting New

Today, we have both the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Gemini. It can be an ideal day for new beginnings. Gemini’s strengths are communication and learning. The universe is supporting us with these areas of life, therefore, placing energy and initiating something new in these areas would produce the most positive outcome. Was there something you wanted to start learning more about? Interested in a course or reading a new book? Today is a great day to start!

As with communication, if there are any old friends or family members that you desire to reconnect with, today is optimal for that, too. Was there something that you wanted to say or express to anyone? Is there a message that you feel needs delivery? The universe is assisting you with all of these endeavors, so take advantage of it. Initiate and start something new. Our spiritual mission is to bridge the gap and remove the space between one another with love. This ultimately will remove the space between us and the Creator, as well. The energy and potential are there this month to unify duality and connect to positivity energy. Connecting to another’s heart has the power to heal and change everything about our lives.

June 5

Talking from the Heart

Today, Mercury is moving into the sign of Cancer. Everything in life contains a polarity of positivity and negativity, and Lightness and darkness. Our spiritual mission is to transform any potential negativity into a positivity and Light. Mercury in Cancer can challenge us with being overly sensitive about ourselves. Since Mercury rules our communication and thought processes, there is a risk of taking things too personally, and as a result, retreating, going into our shells, and detaching from people around us. How do we transform this hypersensitivity into something positive? Cancer is a very sensitive and emotional sign. With Mercury being in Cancer, it can permit our communications to reach a deeper and more intuitive level. If we focus upon caring for others, being aware of their feelings, and seeking how we can proactively support people emotionally, we can utilize this cosmic transit in the best way possible and avoid the negative implications of it. Sensitivity can be crippling when placed upon oneself, but when used for others, it holds all the secrets to building the authentic love and care that the world so desperately needs right now.

June 6

Spiritual Compass


There is a beautiful aspect occurring now between Saturn and Neptune which gifts us with being more aligned with our intuition and consciousness. Intuition can be thought of as our spiritual compass. Saturn directs us to focus on the practical aspects of moving forward in life, especially in our careers or any other achievements that we are pushing towards. Today, the cosmic window is open for the planet Neptune to share its qualities which help connect us to our inner voice. Be open to listening to your intuition and use it in taking the steps you need to move forward in life, especially in our careers. Today is not the day to simply follow your To-Do lists, daily routines, and meetings. Today is the day to take breaks, even if for a minute, to align ourselves with the universe and our soul’s deeper desires. Allow for meditative moments that provide the time to breathe and listen inwardly. Seek out your spiritual compass so it may guide you in all your endeavors, today. The voice within is the Creator speaking to you. It contains all the wisdom and answers you need. It comes in a whisper, but it is always there asking you to choose it over the voices on the outside. 

June 7

It Is About You, Not Me

The moon is moving into the sign of Leo for the next two to three days. This movement awakens a desire for us to feel special, unique, recognized, and loved. We may become emotional or hurt if we do not feel we are receiving enough attention, however. Today, let us be cognizant of this cosmic influence and focus instead on sharing love and attention with others. In Kabbalah, we learn that this is the secret to receiving the things we desire in life. If we wish to connect and receive any type of energy and blessing in our life, we should first learn the importance of sharing and giving to others. When we are busy sharing and giving outside of ourselves, the Creator, Himself, will then be busy with us, fulfilling our deepest desires. 

June 8 - Shabbat Naso & Shavuot Eve

I’m Bored!

The cosmic movement today, of Venus entering into the sign of Gemini, is relevant mainly to our romances. Generally, this month, we can find it challenging to stay in one place for too long. Gemini encourages us to move, change, and renew. On one hand, the openness for change and the ability to be flexible can be very helpful. But, when Venus, the “planet of love,” is influenced by this energy, we have to beware not to think meaningful relationships are no longer relevant and move too quickly to another. It is true that we need to make changes at times and end relationships that do not serve our spiritual growth, but be cautious of making any quick and random changes simply based on boredom. The tallest of trees is born on solid ground with roots deep within the soil. Lasting relationships can offer us lasting fulfillment when we invest the time, energy, and love in them to grow into something truly beautiful.