Daily Astrology Forecast for June 23-29, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for June 23-29, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
June 23, 2019

June 23

Avoid Overdoing

Today, there is a triple challenging aspect between the three planets Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in a T-Square. When we combine the energies of these planets together, there is the potential to awaken more enjoyment, pleasure, romance and fantasy in our life. Since this aspect, however, is more on the challenging side, it does come with a warning sign. Today, we should beware not to fall into any exaggerated and overdone actions in our romance department. We want to avoid spending time fantasizing on a reality that is currently too far from reach. Enjoy life, but do not extend so far out of bounds that you cannot get back. When something comes to us very fast, if oftentimes leaves just as quickly as it came.

June 24

Rising Again

“Life is fraught with obstacles and tests that sometimes knock us off our feet. When we do lose our balance and fall flat on our faces, it’s important to stand up again, rather than to sink into doubt and depression . . . and dust ourselves off.” (The 72 Names of God)

With today’s challenging aspect between Venus and Neptune, there is a chance to fall into self-destructive perceptions, disappointments in romances, and low self-esteem. If you feel, today, that you are falling in your consciousness, in your actions, or in your communication with others, remind yourself of this important message:

“Getting up again generates greater spiritual Light in the world than if we had never fallen in the first place. The fact that we fell is not what’s important. True greatness lies in the act of rising again.” (The 72 Names of God)

June 25


Today’s aspect between Jupiter and Neptune can potentially challenge us with the way we view our reality. We could have the tendency to be a bit dreamy and unrealistic  today. If this aspect was a supportive one, we all could simply sit back and enjoy the new and creative ideas. But, since today is more on the challenging side, we should be aware of the potential to dream and drift away in realities that do not exist, yet. To avoid any disappointment and illusions, today, we can focus our time and thoughts on things that are actual and that exist in our life. Today will not be the best day to start something new based upon any epiphany that you received. We live in a physical world where action is required. As beautiful as dreams can be, until they are manifested, they cannot offer us the fulfillment we seek.

June 26

Check Your Ego at the Door

The fastest planet in our solar system, Mercury, is slowing down today, by moving into the sign of Leo. The Leo takes his time! This can positively affect our communication with others. The downside of this slower movement is that Leo does bring with it pride. Let us, today, pay attention to choose the appropriate language when we speak to others. We want to avoid being overly dramatic and avoid overriding other people’s opinions. Today is the day to check your ego in at the door. As long as we are only thinking about “me”, we cannot think of others. If we are not thinking of others, we cannot align ourselves with the positive energy force of the Creator. 

June 27

Tapping into Your Inner Genius

If your profession or passion is in the creative field, today could be very powerful to receive very unique, creative, and ingenious ideas. Receiving ingenious ideas can come in every field of life: finances, romances, self-development, or spiritual growth. Today, open yourself up and tap into your higher genius self. The Sun and Uranus are in favorable aspect, today, that can support us in igniting our unique and special gifts. Revisit areas in your life that you have recently felt blocked and uninspired. Revisit them to discover the solutions you have been seeking and the ability to move forward. The Light contains all the answers to all the questions we have, we only need to discover the path to connecting with It.

June 28

Similarity of Form

Both Saturn and Neptune are in retrograde, now. They also are forming an astrological aspect that encourages us to pay more attention. Retrograded planets direct us inward. They direct us to take the time to look within to focus upon our spiritual work. When we combine the energy of Neptune with Saturn, we receive the union of our physical reality and our metaphysical/spiritual world. Today will be a prime day to examine and look more closely at this connection. For example, note your consciousness before taking any action. Look at the areas of your life where you experience unfavorable results. Where are you challenged with manifesting your ideas and plans? Take a deep look within and observe your consciousness, your motivation, and where your thoughts and intentions lie. If we want to align our physical reality with the spiritual reality, we need to make sure that we think and act like the Light of the Creator. Read more about the kabbalistic concept of Similarity of Form by clicking here.

June 29 - Shabbat Korach

The Time to Act is Now

The Moon and Mars have a pleasant connection for most of the day. Usually, the natures of the Moon and of Mars are conflicting. However, since their meeting is more positive, we are all encouraged to take action in response to our feelings, especially when we feel we need to help someone. Today is the day to act in ways that will make others feel good, protected, happy, and supported. Today is not the day to be passive and wrought with indecisiveness. When you feel you know what the right thing is to do, follow your guts, charge forward, and take action. The world needs your gifts and energy, more than ever. The world is waiting for you. It is waiting for all of us to give it the love it needs.