Daily Astrology Forecast for October 13-19, 2019
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Daily Astrology Forecast for October 13-19, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
October 13, 2019

October 13

Be Courageous

We all have certain areas in our lives where we feel unsure and that require more courage. For most of us, starting something new that is important to us will require extra courage. We often need courage to speak up, confront a difficult situation, or listen to uncomfortable advice or intuition. Today, think of an area of your life that requires more courage and be open to conquering your fears. After all, today is a full moon in Aries and it is the sign of courage and initiation! We are all supported today, to be courageous and jump into our fears. They say that Aries can tread where even angels fear to go. Additionally, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is forming a nice aspect with the Moon and the Sun, signaling us to go ahead, jump into action, and take the necessary risks! Oftentimes we allow fear to paralyze us and we miss the gifts of life that are waiting for us to grab them. Today, listen to your heart, trust the Creator is with you, and leap into your dreams! 

October 14 - Sukkot 1st Day

Giving Up the Fight

Today, with the difficult aspect between the Sun and Pluto, we want to be aware and ready for potential power struggles, especially with people in positions of power. Bickering, fighting, and manipulating might tempt us today. Instead, today is a day we need keep our cool. Restriction is our secret weapon. Take notice when negative emotions start to creep into your mind and quickly remind yourself that they are just a test! We have to look at life from a spiritual perspective and look for the messages and lessons inherent within everything. Starting a fight, creating separation, and judging and admonishing others is not the right approach today or any day for that matter. Remember, our hardest days and periods of our lives only exist to help us become stronger, wiser, discover our power, and evolve our soul’s maturation. As a teacher once said, “If I could take away all your problems, I wouldn’t.”   

October 15 - Sukkot

Divine Inspiration

Today, we experience the many gifts of Mercury and Neptune. Both are aligned in a positive way and this allows creativity and inspiration to be more easily expressed. Today is rich with inspiration and messages from above. Kabbalistically, we are in the time frame of one of the most powerful holidays of the year, called Sukkot. Sukkot is a gift of healing, mercy, and protection for the entire year, sent to us by the Creator. Today, we receive double the blessings in one shot! Let us utilize this cosmic opening of divine messages in conjunction with the holiday of Sukkot to attract for ourselves healing and mercy for the upcoming year. The gates are open this week. The opportunity is there. We need only to have the desire to draw closer to the Creator and closer to all the blessings of the Light. If we ask, we shall receive.

October 16 - Sukkot

Making a Difference in the World

Today, we experience more good fortune from Mercury and Neptune that began yesterday. Each planetary activity can affect us in a myriad of ways and there is never only one way to understand it or benefit from it. Mercury represents the intellect and our ability to communicate. Neptune is the planet that is most connected to worldly, deeply spiritual, and all-encompassing ideas and concepts. This aspect of Mercury and Neptune increases our ability to positively affect the people around us. Today, we can more easily express what we believe. The conditions are right to share with others the importance of spirituality and what can make the world a better place. Today, we can “know our audience.” We know how to get their attention and engage them. Take advantage of today’s gifts in order to be a channel to make the world a better place and create a true difference in our world. 

October 17 - Sukkot

The Forever Changing Element of Air 

With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Libra, the element of air takes the center stage. The element of air seems to have the ability to be everywhere at the same time. It is mutable, changeable, flexible, and as unpredictable as the wind. Today’s question is: How can we benefit from this dominance of air and avoid any of its drawbacks? Cultivate, today, the attributes of curiosity, openness, and lightness. These qualities are available for us to tap. On the other hand, if we recently made great effort and applied energy into a decision or certain direction, we want to be careful to not allow the mercurial influence of air divert us from our hard-earned path. Projects that we are in the midst of actualizing after long periods of planning are vulnerable to doubts and second thoughts. Keep your focus on your long-term goals and long-term projects. The element of air does not benefit us in these areas. Air connects us to the brightness of the future with ingenuity and promise. Air brings us lightness and freedom. However, we need to remember to ground ourselves so we are able to develop solid roots that allow us to achieve our dreams and goals. 

October 18 - Sukkot

Close the Door to Interruptions

Today, we may find it challenging to go deep and understand complex concepts. The ideal focus, for today, should be on the technical aspects of things. Become familiar with the more superficial and simple elements of your projects and goals. Deep thinking and focusing to understand in-depth ideas, philosophies, and concepts might be simply too hard today. The Moon in Gemini is challenging Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury, the planet of thoughts and learning in Scorpio, encourages us to think and learn deeply. While the Moon in Gemini encourages us to feel and think superficially. This clash can challenge us with any project that requires a focused methodical mind. The Moon in Gemini is an interfering force that is forever changing and disturbing any long-term process. As I mentioned before, in the study of Kabbalah, we learn that challenges are only present in our lives to make us stronger and better people. In overcoming challenges, we evolve and mature our souls, gaining wisdom and spiritual elevation. Understanding that this clash is a temporary cosmic influence will inspire us to hold off deeper ventures until a later time.

October 19 - Shabbat of Sukkot

Deep Communication, Deep Understanding

Isn’t it wonderful when we are able to understand the deeper meaning of things? Understanding brings peace and tranquility. It does away with confusion and doubts. Understanding comes when we study, of course. But understanding is also gained when we take the time to learn how to better communicate with others. In this effort, we get closer to understanding life, ourselves, and others more. With Mercury’s nice aspect with Pluto today, understanding deeply is within our reach. Depth of learning is available on many levels because Mercury represents our thoughts and our communication, and Pluto provides us with the wisdom and depth of life. This beautiful conjunction can be particularly supportive in any creative field. We are given an open channel to communicate with our artistic gifts such as music, writing, painting, and the like. We are supported by this cosmic influence in any endeavor, be it personal, spiritual, or professional. Kabbalah teaches us that knowledge and study bring us to understanding, and this connects us to our soul. Consciousness creates our reality and the more we understand the meaning of life, the more blessings, peace, and happiness we can create for ourselves and the world.